Framework contracts

PROMAN is a highly experienced framework contractor. Framework contracts (FWC) are horizontal contracts put in place by donors to facilitate the implementation of external aid. The objective of FWC is to provide, via individual assignments defined and contracted through Specific Contracts, short-term expertise which can be mobilised at very short notice.

Long-Term Arrangement for Services (LTAS) for the provision of high-quality technical expertise to UNICEF in the area of Education (UNICEF) Back

Technical expertise provided by consultants and consultancy firms plays a critical role in supporting UNICEF’s work in education, whether it relates to situational analysis, programme and strategy design, research and studies or evaluations to achieve results for children. UNICEF’s increasing involvement in global partnerships such as the Global Partnership for Education and Education Cannot Wait will lead to more demand for technical expertise, particularly through institutional contracts.

To respond to these challenges and to meet the demand for technical services and capacity support and to provide responsive and rapid support, UNICEF seeks to establish non-exclusive Long Term Arrangements for Services (LTAS) with several sector-specialized organizations that maintain up-to-date rosters of education experts with proven experience, credibility and identifiable skill sets that can be called upon at short notice to provide technical assistance, advice, capacity building or support services to UNICEF headquarters, regional and country offices when requested.

PROMAN has been preselected as LTA holder for all nine categories:

  • Education sector analysis
  • Education sector planning
  • Education sector budgeting
  • EMIS
  • Technical Capacity Building
  • Content, pedagogy & assessment
  • Digital learning
  • Education Research
  • Education Evaluation

for specific regions including:

  • HQ
  • Latin America & Caribbean
  • West & Central Africa
  • Eastern & Southern Africa
  • South Asia
  • European & Central Asia
  • East Asia & Pacific
  • Middle East & Northern Africa

For further details: please contact Hilde Cornelissen at

Job opportunities under this FWC are posted on the Jobs page

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