About us

PROMAN is a leading international consulting company specialised in development cooperation. Created in 1986, PROMAN is providing services to international donor agencies, national governments, public institutions and development partners world-wide.

PROMAN is an independent company, fully owned by its management

Luxembourg based, the company has an antenna office in South Africa (Cape Town).

PROMAN has grown steadily over the past decade. Turnover for 2018 is projected at more than EUR 14 million illustrating our continuing success.

Since its foundation, PROMAN has undertaken over 500 assignments

in Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific, Asia & Central Asia, Latin America, Central & Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean Region & the Middle East. With activities around the globe, we focus especially on developing economies in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Principal clients include

the European Commission, World Bank, Luxembourg Bilateral Cooperation, Belgian Technical Cooperation, AFD, UNICEF, national governments.

PROMAN has gained a leading position as a supplier of high quality services

Principal areas of specialisation relate to human and social development and governance including education, TVET, labour market and employment, social inclusion and protection, decentralisation and local development, civil society, regional cooperation and public finance management.

PROMAN has unrivalled experience in aid planning, management and coordination.

Experienced professionals with extensive field experience in key sectors

PROMAN employs 20 permanent staff. Management team members are experienced professionals having worked in numerous countries world-wide. Annually an average of 250 experts are contracted to provide services on long and short term assignments.

We have access to a qualified network of specialists and partner organisations around the world.

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