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PROMAN is a highly experienced framework contractor. Framework contracts (FWC) are horizontal contracts put in place by donors to facilitate the implementation of external aid. The objective of FWC is to provide, via individual assignments defined and contracted through Specific Contracts, short-term expertise which can be mobilised at very short notice.

Framework contract “Services for EU’s External Action 2023 (FWC SEA 2023), Lot 16 (European Commission) Back

This framework contract is mainly intended to support the European Commission Directorates-General in charge of the implementation of External Action: DG INTPA, DG NEAR, FPI and EU Delegations.

The objective of this framework contract is to provide a contractual tool that can mobilise rapidly (compared to a standard tender procedure) through specific contracts the expertise required to assist the European Commission departments in implementing their policies.

The expertise required may cover any sector within a lot in any geographic area of the world.

LOT 16: EVALUATION AT INTERVENTION LEVEL deals with the following (sub)-sectors:

  1. Evaluations of Interventions (Projects and Programmes)
  • Ex-ante Evaluations
  • Mid-term Evaluations
  • Final Evaluations
  • Ex-post Evaluations
  • Counterfactual impact Evaluations
  • Evaluations of primary interventions
  • Thematic evaluations (grouping of interventions in a specific area)

Evaluations of interventions (projects/programmes) to be implemented under lot 16 are usually managed by EUDs in partner countries, and/or by European Commission HQ services, responsible for the intervention(s) under review.

An intervention-level evaluation can include single or multiple and logically interlinked interventions:

  • Evaluation of single interventions: As their name implies, each evaluation of this type covers only one intervention, irrespective of its budget – from the evaluation of one single, small grant to the evaluation of a programme component, to the evaluation of a major multi-million programme spanning over a long period of time in a specific group of countries.
  • Evaluation of multiple interventions: These are evaluations that cover several interventions included in the same or in successive programming cycles. These interventions must be clearly interlinked in a logic and unambiguous way – i.e., their expected contribution to a common (or very similar) overall objective through the achievement of a set of consistent outcomes.

Evaluations of interventions cover, among others, all evaluations of primary interventions (project/programme), which are a coherent set of results structured in a logical framework aiming at delivering development change or progress. Evaluations of interventions therefore cover all the different levels of a primary intervention.

PROMAN is the lead company of a consortium consisting of 12 partners:

  • PROMAN (Luxemburg)
  • Mannheimer Zentrum für Evaluation und Entwicklungsforschung gGmbH – Center for Evaluation and Development (C4ED) (Germany)
  • Center for Evaluation and Development Consultancy Ethiopia PLC (C4ED Ethiopia) (Ethiopia)
  • CEval GmbH (Germany)
  • DT Global IDEV Europe S.L. (Spain)
  • DT Global Inc. (USA)
  • DT Global International Development UK Ltd (UK)
  • IBF Impact Srl (Italy)
  • IBF International Consulting SA (Belgium)
  • Oxford Policy Management Europe GmbH (Germany)
  • Oxford Policy Management Limited (UK)
  • PEMconsult a/s (Denmark)

For further details: please contact Mert Perk at

Job opportunities under this FWC are posted on the Jobs page


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