Framework contracts

PROMAN is a highly experienced framework contractor. Framework contracts (FWC) are horizontal contracts put in place by donors to facilitate the implementation of external aid. The objective of FWC is to provide, via individual assignments defined and contracted through Specific Contracts, short-term expertise which can be mobilised at very short notice.

Conflict, Stability, and Security Fund (CSSF) Framework Agreement – Lot 1, Lot 2, Lot 3 (FCDO) Back

The CSSF is a cross-government fund, with an annual budget in the region of 500 000 000 GBP, which delivers and supports activity including but not limited to security, defence, peacekeeping, peace-building and stabilisation activity, using both Official Development Assistance (ODA) and non-ODA funding.

The Framework is divided into three Lots.

The scope of each Lot is as follows:

Lot 1 themes:

  • Preventing, managing and reducing violence
  • Strengthening and protecting inclusive politics and civic accountability mechanisms
  • Stabilisation and state resilience
  • Human security provision and security actor reform
  • Access to formal, traditional and transitional justice
  • Women, Peace and Security
  • Climate Change, Biodiversity Loss and Climate Security
  • SOC, Environmental Crime, Illicit Finance and Corruption
  • Media Development and Outreach

Lot 2 themes:

  • Counter Terrorism
  • Counter Violence Extremism
  • Strategic Communications

Lot 3 themes:

  • Defence Training and Advice
  • Provision of non-lethal equipment
  • Defence services

The upper value limits of each Lot are:

  • Lot 1 – £1,650,000,000 (£1.65 billion)
  • Lot 2 – £600,000,000 (£600 million)
  • Lot 3 – £750,000,000 (£750 million

The regions each Lot will be delivered in are: (a) Africa (b) Europe and Central Asia (c) Western Balkans (d) Middle East and North Africa (e) South America (f) South Asia (g) South East Asia (h) UK Overseas Territories.

PROMAN is member of the consortium led by Alinea International Ltd. (Canada).

For further details: please contact Hilde Cornelissen at

Job opportunities under this FWC are posted on the Jobs page

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