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Zantchito – Entrepreneurship Voices

EUD to Malawi
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 1 999 968
Origin of funding
EUD Malawi
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Alice Production, CommWithUs, IBF
Start date
February 2023
End date
February 2027
Number of staff provided
2.640 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

This Technical Assistance (TA) project brings in expertise to support entrepreneurship promotion and spread the value of entrepreneurship in Malawi by employing innovative promotional approaches. The general idea is to engage youth, women, and entrepreneurs, through increased communication that will lead to more active participation in entrepreneurship. A vital aspect of this intervention is to create communication processes that will help to develop the confidence (in youth and women) to participate in entrepreneurship as a career and help to develop their interest in being part of the economic development and job creation solution in the county.

The overall objective of this contract is to increase employability and self-employment opportunities available to young TEVET graduates and entrepreneurs, with special attention to women’s needs.

The objective will be achieved through the implementation of innovative approaches to visibility and entrepreneurial culture creation. This will include developing and running a miniseries of documentaries of entrepreneurial role models, organising and running investment competition events, and managing an entrepreneur voices platform, paying special attention to involving women entrepreneurs, and paying special attention to women’s needs, among other activities.

The expected outputs of this contract are as follows:

  • Outcome 1: Expanded knowledge on entrepreneur experiences;
  • Outcome 2: Increased opportunities for wider entrepreneur engagement, networking and growth;
  • Outcome 3: Strengthened entrepreneur voices.

The TA team is expected to develop engagement strategies that build on different themes and concepts rather than focusing on one direct communication strategy to promote entrepreneurial culture, sustainable enterprise creation and decent, formal jobs.

This project is part of the broader Zantchito programme and works in collaboration with two other projects: Entrepreneurship and Access to Finance project, implemented by the UNDP, and the Technical Assistance to the Government of Malawi to Support the Implementation of Enabling Environment Reforms for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Related Labour Laws project, implemented by GOPA Worldwide Consultants.

Type and scope of services provided

  • Production and airing of a documentary series of inspiring Malawian entrepreneurs with the objective of encouraging entrepreneurship as a career as opposed to as a survival tool. The documentaries will be gender-balanced and highlight the journey taken by successful entrepreneurs operating in Malawi, sharing their lessons in the process as well as mistakes to avoid. This will not only teach viewers and listeners entrepreneurship, but also help promote local businesses;
  • Creation and airing of Investment competition or pitch events: showcasing entrepreneurs pitching their new business ideas and existing business projects, to a panel of judges and potential financiers and investors with the objective of securing on-the-spot funding. The activity shall ensure participation and involvement of females. Investment competition events
  • Mobilisation of an entrepreneur voices platform which includes include studio discussions, special reports and news reviews on entrepreneurship, cartoon illustrations, plays/drama series, etc. Thought leaders, women, and the youth would form part of the discussions, news reviews and special reports to share their perspectives and insights on the entrepreneurial journey, with special attention to women’s needs.

Main staff provided:

  • Project Director (Team leader) – 880w/d;
  • Creative Manager (Key Expert 2) – 880w/d;
  • Production Manager (Key Expert 3) – 880w/d.

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