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Verification mission on compliance of 2017 commitments of the Development, Protection and Social Inclusion Plan

El Salvador
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 68 360
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
AECOM International Europe, EPOS
Start date
July 2018
End date
September 2018
Number of staff provided
71 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The objective of the mission is to make an assessment of the eligible conditions under the Budget and Programme Support Agreements to the National Development, Protection and Social Inclusion Plan (Social Plan), in force between the Republic of El Salvador and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the European Union, as well as the verification of the results presented by the Government of El Salvador for the performance in 2017 of the indicators linked to disbursements in said agreements.

The mission will have as tasks to verify the following aspects:

  • Satisfactory progress in the implementation of the Social Plan, as well as its relevance and credibility in a sustained manner. Special interest will be placed on the effective implementation of the management tools of the Monitoring and Evaluation System of the Social Plan and the Single Registry of Participants, and also the strengthening of the institutional capacities necessary for the implementation of the Plan in question. Specifically, the following dimensions will have to be analysed;
  • Satisfactory progress in the implementation of a credible macroeconomic policy oriented towards stability;
  • Successful progress in Public Financial Management (including the mobilization of domestic resources within the meaning of the Addis Abbaba Action Agenda (Financing for Development) through the analysis of progress in the government’s PFM reforms program , as well as progress in relation to Transparency (public availability and timely availability of relevant, sufficient and quality budget information);
  • The fulfilment of the goals of the 8 indicators of the performance matrix defined in the agreements signed between the GOES and two SPDs (EU and Luxembourg).

From the above information, the mission will proceed to:

  • Present results of the verification process in each of the aspects indicated above;
  • Prepare conclusions based on the evidences, findings and analyses carried out during the verification mission;
  • Prepare precise recommendations aimed at continuing, correcting or improving the monitoring processes that currently allow to account for the progress made in the implementation of the Social Plan, and present them to those responsible for the sectors involved.

Type of services provided

  • Review, processing and analysis of information;
  • Preparation of the work plan with methodology, instruments and proposed schedule;
  • Meetings with executing institutions of the PS;
  • Visits to participating municipalities
  • Verification of the progress of the PS management tools, including at least the M&E System, Unique Registration of Participants;
  • Systematization and analysis of the information collected, verifying the coherence with the information contained in the indicator sheets and the indicator performance matrix contained in the 2017 progress report of the Social Plan;
  • Preparation of conclusions and recommendations;
  • Presentation of the preliminary results of the mission to the SPD, MRREE and SETEPLAN, based on the TOR and the work plan, for discussion and validation;
  • Reporting.

Main staff provided:

  • Team leader (31 w/d);
  • Gender expert (25 w/d);
  • Economist (15 w/d).

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