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Vanuatu Education Sector Facilitator

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 211 960
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
July 2008
End date
December 2009
Number of staff provided
15 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The government of Vanuatu and education donor partners are preparing for the commencement a sector wide approach (SWAp) to support educational reforms proposed in the Vanuatu Education Sector Strategy (VESS).It is anticipated that a joint education support programme will be implemented in 2008 (VESAP) in preparation for the start of SWAp in 2009. The SWAp will involve strategic dialogue between partners to ensure that an agreed programme of support to education contributes to Vanuatu’s education vision and national development goals.

The Education Sector Facilitator (ESF) will play a key role in the joint education support programme, providing technical support to the Ministry of Education (MoE) with the management of VESAP and VESS implementation and assisting government partners to maintain appropriate strategic engagement with the Education Partners Group (EPG).

The overall objective of the ESF position is to support the implementation of the VESS by providing technical assistance to:

  • Assist MoE to scope, plan, prioritise and set targets, and monitor the annual implementation of the VESAP and the VESS, consistent with Vanuatu government timelines, objectives and budgets and development partners agreed education support programme;
  • Assist MoE to achieve VESS targets and outcomes during the programme period;
  • Assist MOE to review, monitor and evaluate VESAP and VESS activities against its agreed annual work programme, including quality assurance of consultancy outputs and impact on the agreed strategic objectives;
  • Assist MOE senior management team with the overall identification and management of technical assistance and capacity building initiatives;
  • Help the MoE to identify gaps and improve its capacity to plan, coordinate and manage education sector resources (development partner and GoV funding) through a sector wide approach;
  • Improve the effectiveness of development partner interventions and contributions in the context of the VESAP and VESS and the SWAp adopted by MoE;
  • Support MOE in enhancing a whole of government approach to give effect to a sector wide approach in education, including appropriate engagement with other relevant GoV departments, education donor partners and education stakeholders.

Type of services provided

  • Support to the development of an annual work plan for VESS implementation;
  • Support and advice to the DG & senior MoE staff for dealing with key strategic issues, policy and corporate management matters;
  • Strengthen MoE’s coordination of the implementation of the VESAP and the VESS and support MoE to develop effective relationships with other government departments;
  • Work with MoE management to ensure that institutional arrangements and administrative capacity for managing a SWAp and donor coordination are in place;
  • Support capacity development for improved planning, financing, management and monitoring of annual work programmes;
  • Support the MoE to complete GoV annual planning and budgeting cycles and capacity to prepare MTE frameworks successfully;
  • Support the MoE to improve service delivery to rural areas through decentralisation and deconcentration of the education service where appropriate (through provincial executing agencies and at school level);
  • Support the development and utilisation in planning and reporting of a comprehensive M&E framework based on Vanuatu Education Management Information System (VEMIS).

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