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Using Social Dialogue as a socio economic development tool

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 79 528
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
October 2016
End date
December 2016
Number of staff provided
60 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The global objective is to demonstrate the relevance, importance, and utility of social dialogue as a tool for economic and social development

The specific objective of the assignment is to provide the European Commission (DEVCO B3) and the European Delegations with a reference document (orange publication):

  • Developing an understanding of Social Dialogue and the added-value of including its related mechanisms in development actions;
  • Identifying Social Dialogue good practices in technical cooperation projects that can provide operational guidance on how to best include it and support it in future actions.

The main output of the assignment will be a reference guide document – for the European Commission and the European Delegations. The publication will include an analysis of the concepts of social dialogue and the added-value of social dialogue in development actions. It will identify good social dialogue practices, with concrete operational guidelines in future development actions.

Type of services provided

The assignment is to be executed in three phases:

  • Research: Setting the theoretical and practical overview and very first assessment of the potentials of Social Dialogue as a contributor for socio-economic development and governance instrument;
  • Presentation of evidence and relevance for future EC development agenda: Analysing main approaches, lessons learnt, promising practices and barriers for social dialogue as a sustainable driver for social and economic development;
  • Consolidation and dissemination: The written comments, together with the findings and ideas from the one-day workshop, will be incorporated into the final report.

The expert team consists of 2 experts:

  • Senior Expert – Development cooperation specialist (30 m/d);
  • Senior Expert/ Team Leader – Specialist on Social Dialogue processes and issues (30 m/d).

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