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Technical Intermediate Evaluation of the Support to Capacity Building in the National Institute of Statistics and Demographics and the statistics departments of the social ministries.

Burkina Faso
INSD, Ministry of Basic Education, Ministry of Health – NAO Office
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 17 350
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
July 2006
End date
August 2006
Number of staff provided
28 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The European Commission decided to provide an institutional support through long term and short term technical assistance in order to structure the national statistical system and reduce the problems in its running.

This “Support to Capacity Building in the National Institute of Statistics and Demographics (INDS) and the statistics departments of the social ministries (ARCS) has as overall objective to help implement the national development plan for statistics and to improve the running of the national statistical system so it provides timely and reliable data to policymakers and other users for the formulation, monitoring and evaluation of the socio-economic policies of the country.

In order to attain this objective the ARCS will:

  • Strengthen the management and steering capacity within the INSD, to allow it to take up its role as coordinator for statistics and to improve its institutional set up and the management of its resources so it can meet its obligations as regards the quality of its output;
  • Support the ministries of Education and Health in implementing their statistical programmes by building the necessary capacities at different levels of the data and information chain (these two were chosen in view of their importance for poverty reduction strategies).

The objective of this assignment is an intermediate evaluation of the project, specifically in terms of its relevance, its efficiency, its effectiveness, its sustainability as well as to a certain extent its impact.

Type of services provided

PROMAN provided the services of an expert who focused on the following tasks:

  • Analysis of the relevance of the programme and its possible extension in time;
  • Analysis of the efficiency and effectiveness of the technical assistance;
  • As regards the expected results: analysis of the progress made in the statistical output since the start of the project;
  • Analysis of the impact on capacities within the INSD and its contribution to the implementation of the development plan for statistics;
  • Evaluation of the added value in the light of other support in the sector;
  • Formulation of recommendations for the future;
  • Feasibility study of proposals for reorientation;
  • Assess the possible extension in time of the programme in terms of its appropriateness and costs.

PROMAN HQ was responsible for overall quality assurance.

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