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Technical Assistance under the Sindh Education Sector Support Programme

Government of Sindh
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 3 809 502
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
British Council (lead), Semiotics, Abacus Consulting
Start date
April 2013
End date
August 2016
Number of staff provided
2.16 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

In February 2012, the European Union and the Government of Pakistan signed the Financing Agreement (No. DCI-ASIE/2011/023-009) for SESSP under which the EU will provide technical assistance and sector budget support to the Education sector in Sindh. The total EU contribution to SESSP is €30 million, including €25.5 million for Sector Budget Support (SBS).

The overall objective of the EU’s Sindh Education Sector Support Programme (SESSP), of which this contract for technical assistance is a part, is as to promote quality and access in Primary and Secondary Education and achieve the education-related MDGs in the Province of Sindh. EU sector support will assist the Government of Sindh towards improving its management and its service delivery in the education sector. The main purpose of this contract is to assist in the fulfilment of the overall objective and purpose of the SESSP.

The consultant will support the Sindh Government and build its capacity to develop its sector policy and strategic plan, implement its school consolidation plan, improve its M & E system, and ultimately its education service delivery.

The expected results of the technical assistance project are as follows:

  • With the required technical assistance the Government of Sindh approves a coherent Education Sector Policy and Plan;
  • With the required technical assistance the Government of Sindh implements a School Consolidation Plan, with quality and access indicators, and improves delivery;
  • With the required technical assistance, focussing on strategic capacity development, the Government of Sindh improves education service delivery in Sindh.

Type of services provided

The resident expert team consists of 3 Key Experts:

Team Leader: will lead the TA team in assisting, supporting and building the capacities of the Government of Sindh to improve their governance of the education sector and their ability to deliver quality education services to the districts of Sindh.

Education Expert: will oversee all aspects pertaining to providing technical and capacity building support to the Government of Sindh to ensure the delivery of quality education services, including but not limited to, teacher training and continuous professional development, curriculum, book and learning material development, educational assessment, teacher recruitment and deployment, school and classroom environment and management.

Public Finance and Procurement Expert: will be responsible for providing technical and capacity building assistance to the Government of Sindh as needed for the Education sector in such areas as internal control and audit, accounting, reviewing budget execution, reviewing budget additionality in education sector budget, medium term fiscal planning, private and NGO contributions in the education sector, the development of a Minimum Services Standards applicable to infrastructure, capacity building plan for PFM and Procurement, PEFA / Fiduciary Risk Assessment, procurement guidelines, preparation of manuals, procurement practices / performance analysis and procurement M&E etc.

Short-term interventions will focus on areas such as policy development, planning, management, needs analysis, monitoring, management of information systems, gender, community mobilization, institutional support, teacher development etc.

Main staff provided:

  • Team Leader (660 m/d);
  • Education Expert (660 m/d);
  • Public Finance and Procurement Expert (660 m/d).

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