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Technical Assistance to the ‘Support Programme for Basic Education Reform in Guinea’

Ministry of Pre-University Education and Civics (MEPU-EC)
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 732 097
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
December 2002
End date
December 2006
Number of staff provided
60 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The main objectives of the Education Sector in Guinea are defined in the « Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper » and the « Education for All Programme ». Despite major progress registered in this sector over the past few years, the quality of the education system in Guinea is still a problem. That is why the Government of Guinea, together with the EC, decided to focus on “the quality of education, its relevance and the articulation between training, employment and environment”. In this context, the project has been divided into the following sections:

School infrastructures:

  • Construction of 150 schools of 3 class-room each, using local building material, i.e. compressed clay bricks (briques de terre compressée) in the region of Labé (Labé-Mamou-Faranah-Kissidougou-Guéckédou);
  • Reconstruction/rehabilitation of the Regional Inspection for Education in Labé and N’Zérékoré using local building material.


  • Pilot project of photovoltaic installation in some 40 schools;
  • Basic computer and office supplies and transport (motorcycles);
  • Didactic material for the training of decentralized civil servants, rural communities, Parents Associations , SME.

Training of:

  • Central and decentralized administrations (Labé et N’Zérékoré) through training seminars in admin & finance, computer use, to basic education management staffs (capacity building, institutional strengthening);
  • Rural communities, Parents Association through public-awareness campaigns (environment, civics,…);
  • SME through technical, administrative and financial support.

Technical Assistance to the Government :

  • Technical assistance to the Ministry of Pre-University Education and Civics, for the monitoring of all activities of the programme.

Type of services provided

PROMAN provides the services of one Team Leader, one Expert on School Infrastructures and one Training Expert. Main activities include:

  • Ensure adequacy between the community-based programme and the national education policies;
  • Support the Ministry in charge of the implementation and monitoring of the Programme;
  • Liaise between the National Authorities/Ministries and the Delegation of the EC;
  • Coordinate the interventions of all actors in the Education sector (donors, NGO, MEPU,…);
  • Work in close cooperation with other EC-funded programmes (education, decentralization, gender, environment…;
  • Prepare programme annual work plans and budget;
  • Human resources management;
  • Facilitate mid-term and final evaluation missions.

PROMAN HQ supervises the activities of the Team, carries out backstopping missions on a regular basis and is responsible of the quality control of the services provided.

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