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Technical Assistance to the Official Development Assistance Programme (ODA-P)

South Africa
National Treasury
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 4 669 102
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
PWC South Africa (lead), UCT, Indeybo
Start date
July 2009
End date
May 2012
Number of staff provided
5.064 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

South Africa is an economy in transition, seeking to address serious issues of economic and social cohesion. South African government departments (national, provincial and municipal), other government agencies and NGO’s are in the forefront of addressing these social and economic backlogs. They command immense resources from both the South African budget and support in the form of Official Development Assistance (ODA). However, these South African government departments face significant challenges and problems in their capacity, (notably lack of absorption capacity together with programme and project management skills and experience), to deliver programmes and projects that address the needs of South Africans.

The EU has sought to assist the South African government to address some of these challenges. In this context it has also supported the National Treasury to tackle the particular challenges associated with ODA management and the implementation of programmes and projects that are funded by South Africa, the EU and other donors. The proposed ODA-P attempts to resolve several strategic as well as operational issues.

The purpose of this contract is to provide technical assistance to the IDC Chief Directorate in National Treasury to meet its commitment for optimal utilization of ODA by complimenting the realization of development priorities of SA and the region. The IDC will further extend this technical support the three spheres of government: national, provincial and local. Technical support will be provided through:

  • Long-term technical expertise in the areas of (i) Procurement and Supply Chain Management and (ii) Knowledge Management. These are the specific areas in which capacity gaps have been identified with regard to the efficient and effective ODA management and delivery of services;
  • Short-term expertise for sector, project and programme studies, reviews and evaluations, and advisory and logistical support services. The focal area studies will focus on employment creation and social cohesion, governance, sub-regional and Pan-African cooperation.

Type of services provided

Core services include:

Procurement & Supply Chain Management (482 m/d)

  • Establishment of a “procurement help desk” within NT;
  • Providing technical expertise to government implementing agencies on contracts, work plans, PRAG procedures, ToR development, tender dossiers etc.

Knowledge Management (482 m/d)

  • Design a Knowledge Management Strategy of ODA in South Africa;
  • Establish/strengthen existing systems and maintain a KM system within NT;
  • Developing manuals for disseminating innovative ideas, best practices;
  • Strengthen and maintain the Development Cooperation Information Systems.

Programme and project management skills (350 m/d)

  • ST expertise to support project management skills and improve the capacity of government implementing agencies to deliver ODA.

Studies (3.750 m/d)

  • Appraisal studies on employment creation, delivery of social services, governance, regional cooperation and integration;
  • Needs assessments, Mid-Term Reviews, M&E, budget alignment studies.
  • Performance audits etc.

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