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Technical Assistance to the National Coordinating Unit (TANCU), Republic of Tajikistan

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 477 730
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Planet Consultants
Start date
October 2008
End date
April 2010
Number of staff provided
50 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The overall objective of the project is to assist the Government of Tajikistan in their pursuit of sustainable economic development and poverty reduction.

A revision of the original focus of the project did take place during the inception phase. The original purpose as per standard TA to NCU projects of improving and strengthening the planning and co-ordination capacity of partner government in relation to EU support, in the framework of related external assistance programmes was revised, with now a focus placed on improving overall aid effectiveness, through building the needed capacity within the Presidential Administration and the State Committee on Investments and State Property Management (SCISP) on implementation of the Paris Declaration.

Expected results do include:

  • Fully operational body in the government responsible and accountable for aid effectiveness in Tajikistan (and maintaining a regular dialogue with the Donor Coordination Council), capable of using information generated by the SCISP;
  • Information System at SCISP possesses up to date info on foreign aid and generates necessary aid management data and information.

Core activities are:

  • Promotion of aid coordination in the GoT & alignment with PRSP priorities;
  • Assistance to the preparation of normative acts for an efficient aid management structure;
  • Improvement and further development of the MIS;
  • Development of human capacity on Paris Declaration to utilise improved mechanisms and procedures.

Type of services provided

The services are provided by a team of three long term experts. Core services include:

  • Advice on setting up a working group on implementation of Paris Declaration;
  • Advice on the efficient management structure for aid management;
  • Review of mandates of bodies involved in aid management;
  • Development of IT system for EU aid coordination;
  • Support to the working group on implementation of the Paris Declaration;
  • Organisation of 16 training workshops on selected topics, directed at the Tajik Administration, Parliament and Civil Society: Improvement of Aid Management in Tajikistan; Paris Declaration: Key Principles; Indicators of Progress; Ownership; Alignment; Harmonisation; Mutual Accountability; Management for Results; Strategy for PD implementation.

PROMAN as lead company is responsible for the overall execution of the contract.

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