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Technical Assistance to the National Authorizing Officer and Aid Coordination Unit

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 670 510
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
September 2009
End date
January 2013
Number of staff provided
890 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

In December 2007, the Government of Vanuatu took the important decision to consolidate aid planning, management and coordination under a single department, the new Department of Strategic Policy, Planning and Aid Coordination (DSPPAC), which comes under the aegis of the Prime Minister Office. Within the DSPPAC, the Aid Coordination and Negotiation Unit (ACNU) has the mandate for aid negotiation, aid coordination, monitoring and reporting on the implementation of international aid in Vanuatu in collaboration with the implementing agencies. The NAO support office has been transferred to DSPPAC and integrated within ACNU.

The purpose of the contract is to provide technical assistance to strengthen the overall capabilities of ACNU in terms of development aid planning, coordination, monitoring and reporting, with special emphasis on the smooth implementation of the NIP EDF 10.

Expected results include:

Aid coordination and management

  • The capacity of ACNU to ensure effective and efficient alignment of donor resources to country’s policy priorities is enhanced;
  • The capacity of DSPPAC/ACNY to drive and monitor SWAp programme is enhanced;
  • ACNU has the capacity and means to accurately and timely report on the status of donor aid and aid-funded projects in Vanuatu.

Implementation of the NIP EDF 10

  • The ACNU acts as NAO Support Office with mandate to manage and administer all aspects of EU programmes;
  • All steps of the Project Cycle are properly and timely managed to ensure a smooth and timely implementation of EDF 10;
  • Administrative and financial tasks relating to the implementation of the NIP are gradually performed by locally recruited agents or service providers;
  • The visibility of EC/Vanuatu cooperation activities is enhanced.

Type of services provided

Core services include:

Aid Coordination

  • Undertake assessment of equipment, tools, systems and training needed by ACNU to be able to fulfil its role; develop or procure the necessary management tools and systems; ensure that staff/users is adequately trained;
  • Assist ACNU in organising regular donors’ meetings;
  • Assist DSPPAC/ACNU in instigating and monitoring SWAp in selected sectors;
  • Assist ACNU to coordinate compliance to the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness by 2010.

Implementation of NIP EDF 10

  • Maintain/improve current systems of programming, administration and accounting for projects under EU development cooperation;
  • Provide assistance at all stages of the Project Cycle;
  • Assist in the administration of projects and contracts;
  • Set up standardised monitoring and reporting system on the implementation of the NIP;
  • Ensure coherence and consistency between projects implemented through EDF 10 and GoV approved Policy Guidelines and Priorities;
  • Training on EC development policy and EDF procedures.

Main staff provided:

  • Key Expert (770 m/d) (free-lance expert).

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