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Technical Assistance to the NAO Support Unit and Relevant Line Ministries in order to build capacity in project management

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 2 237 090
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Particip (lead)
Start date
December 2014
End date
December 2018
Number of staff provided
2.262 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The programme aims to develop the capacity of the NAO support unit to enable the NAO to effectively and efficiently perform and fulfil all of the responsibilities as set out in Article 35 of Annex IV of the Cotonou Agreement. The programme will also develop the capacity of line ministries, parastatals and NSAs to manage EDF/EU funds and strengthen their capability to design and implement policies, as well as to optimise absorption capacity.

The purpose of this contract is to improve the speed, the quality and the amount of the EU support to Swaziland.

The following results are expected to be achieved the consultant:

  • Result 1: The consultant/TAT must ensure that all NAO staff, line ministries, parastatals and NSA’s currently implementing EU funded programmes are well trained in all disciplines related PCM i.e (identification, formulation, implementation and evaluation), EU procedures, and sound financial management. Training to be undertaken must include but not limited to on the job mentoring, formal training, etc.;
  • Result 2: The consultant/TAT must ensure smooth implementation which includes but not limited to formulation of contract documents, meeting of contract deadlines, processing of all contract related documents, monitoring and supervision of contracts etc, of all EU funded projects by backstopping programme managers. The TAT is expected to be semi – operational, depending on the situation on the ground;
  • Result 3: The consultant/TAT is expected to offer technical support at all levels in the identification, formulation as well as the implementation of the 10th EDF and 11th EDF.
  • Result 4: The consultant/TAT is expected to offer technical support to the NAO/ACMS in performing its general ODA coordination and management role.

Type of services provided

The TAT comprises the following technical experts:

  • Adviser to the NAO unit (813 m/d);
  • Finance manager (788 m/d);
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Expert (370 m/d);
  • Unspecified additional STE (291 m/d).

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