Ref N° 494

Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Social Assistance and Reinsertion (MINARS) in the framework of the Support Project for Vulnerable Groups

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 9 290 000
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Louis Berger (lead), PBLH
Start date
February 2015
End date
August 2020
Number of staff provided
8.560 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The specific objective of the contract is to strengthen institutional capacity of the Ministry of Social Assistance and Reintegration (MINARS), leading to enhanced national social assistance to the population needs with a focus on the most vulnerable groups.

Expected results include:

  • Strengthened institutional capacities and technical skills of MINARS, at central, regional and local levels, and other ministries and relevant institutions as appropriate, to analyse, design, implement, monitor and evaluate appropriate strategies, policies, programmes and measures specifically addressed to support the livelihood of the most vulnerable population;
  • MINARS disposes of an adequate information system to monitor the social situation in Angola;
  • Internal communication systems within MINARS are strengthened, to facilitate and promote information flows between the various departments at the central, regional and local levels;
  • Improved inter-institutional coordination, at national and international level and adequate platforms in place to support exchanges of experience, best practices;
  • Adequate project management information system in place at MINARS to facilitate programming, coordination, M&E of project activities and results obtained and progress reporting.

Type of services provided

The expert team consist of:

  • Team leader (864 w/d);
  • Research and Communication Expert (1.110 w/d);
  • 3 experts based at the three main operational departments (Assistance and Social Promotion, Children and Adolescents, and People with Disabilities), 3 provincial focal points, IT experts (4.240 w/d);
  • Pool of STE (1.659 w/d).

PROMAN contracts one of the operational department experts based in Luanda (National Direction for Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities), one provincial focal point as well as targeted STE.

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