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Technical Assistance to the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training, in the frame of the Support Programme for Strengthening the Quality of Education II (PARQE II)

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 1 399 850
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
GOPA (lead)
Start date
May 2008
End date
June 2012
Number of staff provided
84 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The specific objective of PARQE II is to support the Government’s efforts in implementing the National Programme of Education and Training (PNEF) and the “Education for All” (EPT), particularly in four Targeted school departments (North, Central, South, Grande Anse), aimed at improving the quality of education.

The main expected results are centred around four axes:

The quality of teachers

  • The completion of the network of Fundamental schools of Application and Centers of Pedagogical Support (EFACAP) including the construction of an EFACAP in the North department;
  • Improving the quality of education by strengthening the skills of school heads, teachers, supervisors, educational advisers.

The quality of schools

  • Comprehensive and integrated care of 100 new satellite schools;
  • The strengthening of schooling in poor rural / urban environment, particularly for girls, by the creation of the 3rd cycle of basic education in 30 schools;
  • The consolidation of the partnership established with local communities and pupil’s parents.

The problem of over aged students

  • The identification and addressing of causes of the over-aged student problem (repetition, late school entry.);
  • The continuation of schooling and vocational training adapted for over aged children, through the development and set-up of school-workshops in each department.

The institutional strengthening;

  • The strengthening of governance of the sector by improving management capacities of MENFP departmental services;
  • At the central level, the improvement of institutional capacity of the Ministry;
  • The strengthening of public-private partnership through specific support to the Haitian Foundation for Private Education (FONHEP).

Type of services provided

The consortium provides the services of:

  • A coordinator
    • Scheduling of activities;
    • Overseeing the implementation, and monitoring of the work, propose the necessary cropping;
    • Assisting the Ministry in the execution of tasks;
    • Supporting the directions of MENJS for their full participation in the objectives.
  • An expert in project management
    • Development of PARQE overall and annual programming;
    • Monitoring the implementation of activities and financial management program;
    • Support and monitoring the implementation of departmental DP (4);
    • Track records between coordination, BON, DCE.
  • Short-term experts
    • The quality of education: initial and continuous training of fundamental education personnel: principals, educational advisers, teachers; multigrade classes, vocational training;
    • The management and administration of education system;
    • Other related fields.

Main staff provided:

  • Coordinator (41.7 m/m) (free-lance expert);
  • Project management Expert (27.3 m/m) (free-lance expert).

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