Ref N° 394

Technical Assistance to the Civil Society Support Programme in Cameroun

Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development - NAO
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 1 632 606
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Louis Berger (lead), Planet Survey
Start date
November 2011
End date
January 2016
Number of staff provided
2807 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The overall objective of the Civil Society Support Programme is to contribute towards political, economic and social governance which is responsible, transparent and participative in Cameroon, through the CSOs being better informed and involved in defining, programming, implementing, monitoring and evaluating development policies and programmes.

In this context, the specific aim of the technical assistance in this service contract is to provide coordination, annual planning, implementation, financial and contractual management, monitoring and reporting for activities undertaken under the support programme.

The TA will contribute to ensure that:

  • The PMU is set up, fully operational and has the human, material and financial resources to implement programme activities and achieve expected results;
  • Management structures, monitoring and supervision tools provided by the TA are operational and are actually involved in programme implementation;
  • The program estimates are defined, implemented and closed in accordance with the Financing Agreement, the 10th EDF procedures and strategic directions set by the Steering Committee;
  • The EDF procedures are respected and the principles of implementation under the Financing Agreement are met;
  • The system for the technical, contractual, financial management and accounting is in place and ensures the achievement of results and their sustainability, as well as the efficient and transparent use of resources;
  • All stakeholders have regular information on the progress of the programme, including its limitations and problems;
  • Steps are taken to ensure the visibility of actions financed under the programme;
  • A good communication strategy is in place for a wider dissemination of information on the programme to CSOs throughout the country.

Type of services provided

The Consortium provides the services of a core team of 3 long term experts:

  • Team leader, (897 m/d);
  • Finance and Administration manager (921 m/d);
  • Specialist in capacity building of CSOs, (929 m/d).

Complimented with a pool of specialised STE (60 m/d).

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