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Technical Assistance to Support Programme to Decentralisation and Municipal Investments (PADIC)

Burkina Faso
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 3 508 375
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
EGIS BDPA (lead), ARP Développement, DURADEVE, BERD
Start date
June 2013
End date
January 2017
Number of staff provided
2.662 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The overall objective of the technical assistance market aims at supporting the Government in its fight against poverty through local governance improvement. Its specific objective is to improve the decentralisation process and local governance through a strengthening of stakeholder’s capacities.

The programme is based on the application of orientations of EU “backbone strategy”. The supports are focused on a sustainable and measurable strengthening of capacities. This conducts to settle down the project management (PM) of the project to the Permanent Technical Secretariat of Decentralisation National Conference (PTS-CONAD), structure of Security, Decentralisation and Administration Ministry (SDAM) whose mandate is the management of the implementation of the CSMOD triennial action plans.

The programme is revolved around two components:

  • Component 1: Institutional Support/Institutional capacity building of central, devolved and decentralised authorities, including monitoring and evaluation (M&E);
  • Component 2: Building capacity in terms of Public Project Management (PPM) of the LA.

The technical assistance’s expected results are:

  • Result 1: The central, devolved and decentralised authorities have necessary ways and tools to manage the decentralisation process, by providing an efficient M&E, and to coordinate the different national and external stakeholders and to finance the LA’s investments:
    • Result 1.1: The M&E package of all the decentralisation process, ensured by the Permanent Technical Secretariat of Decentralisation National Conference (PTS-CONAD) through its National Centre for Monitoring and Evaluation (NCME), Regional Cell and Sectorial ministerial Cells of M&E are efficient and the coordination of different actions (national and external) is effective. Links between national M&E system on decentralisation and M&E internal system of the Permanent Fund for Development of Local Authorities (PFDLA) will be created, as well as with the National Institute of Statistic and Demography (NISD);
    • Result 1.2: The offered services by PFDLA for the financing of local authorities’ investments are operational, affordable and sustainable;
    • Result 1.3: All decentralisation stakeholders have access to information on decentralisation, through implementing the communication national strategy on decentralisation, elaborated and adopted by the government;
    • Result 1.4: The central structures of PTS-CONAD and PFDLA as well as their 13 devolved structures are equipped of IT and office material resources and modes of transport allowing them to carry out their specific local assignments to LA.
  • Result 2: The support packages related to the practice of Project Management (PM) of LA’s investments are operational. The PM is improved in terms of preparation, achievement/monitoring and investments management:
    • Result 2.1: The knowledge and capacities of elected representatives and LA agents are improved through basic, lifelong and support training in the field of PM;
    • Result 2.2: The legal basis for cooperation modalities between the LA in a same region, in order to strengthen theirs practice capacities for project management, is developed;
    • Result 2.3: The ARD in the six regions supported by the project are operational.

Type of services provided

The Consortium provides the services of the following LT experts for a total of 2.662 m/d:

  • Expert in decentralisation and local development, Team Leader (825 m/d);
  • Expert in financial and administrative procedures of EDF procedures, contracts, finances and monitoring specialist (825 m/d);
  • Expert in institutional support, technical councellor to PFDLA (825 m/d);
  • Expert in financial management, accountant, audit and internal control (187 m/d).

The main experts are supported by short term expertise (1.065 m/d) in the following fields of expertise:

  • Local governance;
  • Local finances/municipality financing;
  • Building capacities/training;
  • Institutional building;
  • Information management, SIG and design, data base development;
  • Etc.

The Consortium provides project backstopping, as well as quality control of the reports and services provided and financial management of the contract.

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