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Technical Assistance to strengthen the governance framework of the 3rd National Development Plan (NDPIII)

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 180 472
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
DT Global, DAI
Start date
August 2021
End date
April 2022
Number of staff provided
130 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

Uganda’s new APEX Platform is a Public Policy Management reform which was approved by Cabinet. A High-Level Public Policy Management Executive Forum (Apex platform) is expected to strengthen effective public policy management and promotion of good governance and accountability practices during the implementation of Uganda’s 3rd National Development Plan (NDPIII).

The APEX platform will perform an oversight role and be accountable for delivery and analysis of results whereas the Office of the Prime Minister will lead the overall coordination and reporting on the implementation of 18 NDPIII programmes.

This assignment aims to support the ongoing consolidation and refinement processes related to the governance of Uganda’s NDPIII with a particular emphasis on 2 new structures that did not exist during NDPII, namely the APEX oversight structure and the Programme structure that has replaced the previous sector structure.

The specific objectives are:

  • To support the Government of Uganda in consolidating and refining the governance arrangements for the implementation of the Programme approach for NDPIII, in particular the APEX- and Programme Working Group – related governance processes;
  • To support the Government of Uganda in increasing the awareness, interest, participation and engagement of the citizenry in the implementation and governance of NDPIII.

Type of services provided

  • Assess the roles and responsibilities within the APEX platform;
  • Draft a data governance framework for NDPIII;
  • Analyse the dialogue- and coordination structure at APEX platform- and Programme Working Group level;
  • Analyse the flow of data, reporting and accountability mechanisms;
  • Draft updated logical frameworks and ToR for the APEX Platform and PWGs;
  • Revise and redesign recurrent annual budgets for the APEX Platform and PWGs;
  • Prepare a Project Profile for APEX platform;
  • Prepare a stakeholder communication- and citizen engagement Strategy for NDPIII;
  • Analyse the national- and sub-national dialogue- and accountability/enforcement mechanisms for public service delivery;
  • Assess the public service delivery standards;
  • Assess and revised the National Performance Management System;
  • Prepare guidelines for the operationalization of a revised cascading National Performance Management System;
  • Prepare a roadmap for the gradual implementation of the Programme Based Approach during NDPIII;
  • Prepare an administrative simplification strategy for the remaining NDPIII Period.

Main staff provided:

  • Strategic Communication / Stakeholder Engagement Expert (40 w/d);
  • Business Process Expert (40 w/d);
  • Performance Management Expert (50 w/d).

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