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Technical Assistance to Primary Education Development Programme II

Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) & EC Delegation Dhaka
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 1 186 872
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
March 2005
End date
December 2011
Number of staff provided
64 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The Second Primary Education Development Programme (PEDP II) will be a huge step forward in integrating all Development Partner (DP) inputs and providing ownership to Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MOPME), and particularly the Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) in the development of a quality education programme. This is a sector wide programme and will cover all areas of Bangladesh. By operating through the existing systems of DPE, the programme will avoid the short-term secondment of staff to project work, allowing for staff and programme development within the existing system, which will lead to greater sustainability.

ADB is the lead donor and will set up a Programme Liaison Unit (PLU) as an office representing donor partners to the Executing Agency of PEDP II i.e. DPE. The PLU has to take a guiding and monitoring role.

Objectives of this Project are:

  • To provide technical advice and support to the Team Leader of the PLU on improving the quality of primary education in Bangladesh through the PEDP II, with particular reference to children experiencing high risk of social exclusion;
  • On behalf of the EC and in close consultation with the EC Delegation in Bangladesh, participate in and support the process of Joint Monitoring of PEDP II over the life of the programme.

In June 2007 the Long Term TA has been transformed into well targeted short term support to the Department of Primary Education covering strategic advise to the DPE on the implementation and follow-up of PEDPII as well as the conclusions to be drawn for the next phase. Missions are fielded upon request of the Ministry to the EUD.

Type of services provided

PROMAN is providing the services of a Long Term Education Expert who:

  • Assists in defining indicators relating to children experiencing high risk of social exclusion in PEDP II;
  • Assists in Implementing activities in PEDP II (disabled, tribal minorities, girls etc.) according to the Macro-plan and Annual Operational Plans;
  • Monitors the PEDP II activities linked to children experiencing high risk of social exclusion.

FEMCONSULT provides the services of a Short-Term Monitoring expert to provide back up to the ECD during the annual donor-Government meetings.

PROMAN equally provides the services of Short Term Experts who:

  • Provide advice to DPE on the implementation of PEDP II, the monitoring and the lessons learned to benefit the follow-up programme;
  • Advise on the implementation of the Special Needs Grant Scheme;
  • Review of Action Plans for IE under PEDP II and strategies for PROG 3.

PROMAN is managing the contract and providing all necessary backstopping services and quality control.

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