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Technical Assistance Team for the implementation of the Regional programme “Coastal, marine and Island specific Biodiversity Management in the Eastern and Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Coastal States”

Eastern and Southern Africa -Indian Ocean (ESA-IO) regional
Indian Ocean Commission / RAO
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 3 398 700
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Landell Mills (lead), AGROTEC
Start date
April 2014
End date
July 2019
Number of staff provided
4.294 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The five-year Biodiversity Programme includes island and coastal States of the ESA-IO with extensive coastlines, offshore islands and Exclusive Economic Zones which are rich in natural resources. The programme objective is to develop and strengthen national and regional capacity to manage the direct and indirect use of the coastal, marine an island —specific ecosystems towards sustainable conservation of bio diversity. In particular, the programme aims at building on existing tools, or developing new tools appropriate for enhancing biodiversity conservation and the use of coastal, marine and island specific biological resources at regional, national and community levels. It will promote social and economic policies and associated mechanisms contributing towards sustainable development and poverty alleviation; and strengthen national and regional institutional capacities for sustainable management of biological resources in line with priorities set in the existing and future regional strategies and policies.

Five main results are expected to be achieved at the end of this programme:

  • Result I: Improved and harmonised policies and legal and institutional frameworks for the sustainable use of biodiversity are developed across the region;
  • Result 2: Education sensitisation , communication and information tools for the management of the use of biodiversity are developed, enhanced and applied in support of decision makers at regional, national and community levels;
  • Result 3: Improved systems for networking and exchange of data, statistics, and other biodiversity — related information are established;
  • Result 4: Biodiversity thematic centres are created (or enhanced) as mechanisms for exchanging information, experiences and best practices in the sustainable use of the biodiversity;
  • Result 5: The contribution of biodiversity to sustainable economic development and sustainable livelihoods is supported or enhanced.

The purpose of this contract is to manage and implement the activities of the programme, under the leadership of the IOC, towards fulfilling the objective and expected results of the programme, as well as to provide advice and expertise, capacity development and training to the IOC and the beneficiary countries of the programme.

Type of services provided

  • Ensure technical, administrative and financial management of the programme (through a PMU-Project Implementation Unit) in complete conformity with the “private indirect decentralised operations”;
  • Prepare annual programme estimates in collaboration with IOC and submit to the later for onward submission to the EUD in Mauritius for approval and endorsement respectively;
  • Set up, implementation and monitoring of the call for proposal scheme in collaboration with the IOC and as per EU procedures, and provide specific reports to the IOC on the progress and implementation of the grants per country and overall;
  • Liaise and coordinate with the management of other key regional programmes (EU financed Islands, Fisheries, IUCN, Energy; FFEM biodiversity programme);
  • Liaise and coordinate with the National Focal Points designated by the respective Government authorities (including France/Reunion), all relevant stakeholders and complementary / relevant initiatives, on the planning, implementation and reporting of the programme;
  • Put in place a monitoring system for the follow up of the activities of the program including financial follow up and ledgers of assets to facilitate the verification by the IOC and the EU;
  • Provide inputs for the IOC internal control and audit as well as for external audit, monitoring and evaluation of the programme;
  • Prepare regular progress reports on the activities of the programme and financial status reports for submission to the IOC and the EU;
  • Put in place and implement a communication AND visibility strategy in collaboration with the IOC Communication Unit, and as per the requirements of the EU.

The Expert Team consists of:

  • Team Leader/Programme Coordinator (738 m/d);
  • Call for Proposal Expert (1.189 m/d);
  • Administrative and financial expert (1.141 m/d);
  • Pool short-term expertise (1.226 m/d).

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