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Technical Assistance for the implementation of the regional programme “Renewable Energy Development and Energy Efficiency Improvements in Indian Ocean Commission Member States”

Indian Ocean (IO) regional
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 3 566 280
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
PwC South Africa (lead), Marge
Start date
October 2014
End date
January 2020
Number of staff provided
4543 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The IOC Renewable Energy and Energy efficiency (RE/EE) programme aims at creating the conditions for an increased access to modern and sustainable energy services at acceptable cost, focussed both for demand and supply side measures and based on indigenous and renewable energy sources, and for optimising the energy supply requirements which the economy of each country can afford and facilitate trade in this area. The programme covers the Indian Ocean Commission Member States: Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and Reunion Island (with specific funding).

The purpose of this contract is to contribute to the specific objective of the programme which is: “to establish the conditions for the development, investment and sustainable management of renewable energy and improvements in the efficiency of energy use in the IOC region.”

The contractor is expected to deliver high level professional management of the programme, and ensure an efficient implementation of the activities of the programme towards fulfilling the targeted results of the programme which are:

  • Result 1: A regional IOC strategy focused on human resources development and institutional building is agreed and implementation started;
  • Result 2: A RE&EE promotional campaign and advocacy plan is developed, agreed and implemented;
  • Result 3: The regulatory and business environment for RE based grid-connected electricity generation has been improved; wind and solar resource data bases have been further developed;
  • Result 4: Government agencies and private investors have developed their capabilities to design, engineer, construct and operate decentralized electric power / energy systems based on renewable energy;
  • Result 5: Energy efficiency standards and labels have been developed and implemented in most IOC member countries a) for all categories of buildings and b) for household appliances and equipment with major impact on electricity consumption and peak load.

Type of services provided

The TA services will provide technical expertise tasks including energy management, institutional support, and implementation of calls for proposals, as well as preparatory and ancillary tasks relating to planning, monitoring, reporting on project components, procurement and financial management, and ensure the visibility of the IOC and the EU in the programme.

The services should also contribute to:

  • Overcoming of barriers;
  • Promoting research/ technical transfer;
  • Increase investment;
  • Improved legislation and policy;
  • Increased awareness of developments and opportunities in RE/EE sectors;
  • Transfer of skills and knowledge;
  • Promotion of vocational training and higher education.

The Expert Team consists of:

  • Team Leader/Energy economist (1.112 m/d);
  • Energy specialist and Call for proposal expert (1.007 m/d);
  • Administrative and financial expert (1.161 m/d);
  • Pool short-term expertise (1.263 m/d).

PROMAN is co-managing the project with PwC SA. All experts are contracted by PROMAN with the exception of a limited number of specific STE.

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