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Technical Assistance for the implementation of the AFAFI-NORD Programme

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 5 815 027
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
AFC (lead), I&D
Start date
September 2018
End date
November 2025
Number of staff provided
7.594 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The general objective of AFAFI-NORD is to contribute, in the intervention areas of the action, to promote a sustainable and competitive agricultural sector and to strengthen the resilience of populations vulnerable to food and nutritional insecurity. In line with the intervention logic of the 11th EDF NIP for the rural development sector, three specific objectives (SOs) have been defined:

  • Contribute to improving governance of the sector to enable inclusive agricultural growth and sustainable use of natural resources;
  • Contribute to improving the productivity, profitability and sustainability of agricultural value chains;
  • Contribute to improving food and nutrition security (SAN) and the resilience of vulnerable households.

The achievement of each OS must be ensured by the simultaneous realization of several complementary (R) Results:

  • The Decentralized Territorial Communities (CTD) are strengthened to better assume their missions for the benefit of the target populations;
  • Deconcentrated Technical Services (STD) are strengthened to ensure their missions for the benefit of the target populations;
  • The structuring and operationalization of peasant and professional organizations as well as the basic communities (COBA) are developed;
  • Better control of water for agricultural and pastoral use is ensured by the construction of hydraulic infrastructures;
  • Community infrastructures are built at the request of producers and / or CTDs;
  • The productivity and profitability of value chains / value chains are improved;
  • Sustainability of sectors / value chains is reinforced by better management of natural resources;
  • The promotion of actions to combat malnutrition is reinforced;
  • Income is generated by support for the production of high nutritional value crops and other IGAs for the most vulnerable groups, including women and young people;
  • Access to drinking water and hygiene is improved in the intervention areas.

The activities will be located in the three targeted regions of northern Madagascar: Diana, SAVA and Analanjirofo.

The objective of this contract is to provide technical assistance to the Office of the NAO (BAON) and certain departments of the Ministry to the Presidency in charge of Agriculture and Livestock (MPAE), the Ministry of Fisheries Resources and Fisheries (MRHP ) and the Ministry of the Environment, Ecology and Forests (MEEF) and – depending on the needs – some other technical ministries (in charge of land, nutrition, decentralization, …) to allow efficient and effective implementation throughout the implementation period of the AFAFI-NORD Programme.

Type of services provided

  • Support the NAO in steering all programme activities, so as to ensure good coordination of activities carried out in the regions and by the various ministries, organizations and selected operators;
  • Provide assistance in setting up an efficient administrative, financial and technical support system for the NAO for the duration of the programme and in each of the targeted regions;
  • Ensure regular monitoring of overall progress in implementing the program and achieving the objectives;
  • Ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the programme are optimized, in particular through support to the contracting authority for the award of various contracts in accordance with the planned timetable, support for the steering function and support for coordination of actions on the ground and the development of synergies, particularly between the AFAFI and RINDRA Programmes. This coordination will include the implementation of joint actions, the articulation of M&E systems, mechanisms for exchanging experiences, etc.;
  • Ensure cross-cutting issues are well reflected in the activities supported by the programme;
  • Support with the implementation of a communication and visibility plan;
  • Assist the NAO and EUD with the follow-up of grant contracts planned under the programme.

Main staff provided:

  • Team leader (1.594 w/d);
  • F&C specialist (1.594 w/d);
  • Rural engineering specialist (786 w/d);
  • Animal production specialist (1.332 w/d);
  • Natural resources management expert (1.472 w/d).

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