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Technical Assistance for the Creative Industries and Culture Governance Support Programme (Culture and Jobs Programme)

Burkina Faso
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 1 799 700
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
DT Global Idev Europe, DEDALE-Innovation urbaine et sociale
Start date
January 2020
End date
June 2024
Number of staff provided
1.620 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The European Union has adopted a new support program for creative industries and the governance of culture (culture and jobs program) in Burkina Faso in the amount of € 10 million.

The overall objective of this action is to create a dynamic of cultural development, based on the common values ​​specific to the country, the entrepreneurial capacities and the creativity of the actors, with a view to the economic and social development of the populations of Burkina Faso.

The specific objectives pursued by this technical assistance contract are as follows:

SO 1: Reinforce and develop the operational efficiency of the Cultural and Tourist Development Fund (FDCT), at the central level and in the devolution of its mission of financial support and capacity building for cultural and tourist actors, at national and regional level and in particular in the Hauts Bassins pilot region;

SO 2: Support the Cultural and Tourist Development Fund to strengthen the initiatives of professional organizations in the design and implementation of activities to support companies in their sectors (management and production capacity);

SO 3: Contribute to improving knowledge of the potential of cultural and tourist resources in the regions so that the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism and the FDCT can accompany them and support their development in the context of promoting cultural decentralization. The chronology of implementation will favor the regions with the best potential and immediately accessible for intervention by the public administration;

SO 4: Strengthen the analysis, planning and training capacities of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism (MCAT), so as to increase its effectiveness in the implementation of policies and strategies specific to the priority sectors to nationally and regionally;

SO 5: Foster the proper management of the financial resources made available to the PAIC GC by the EU and the Government of Burkina Faso, in order to increase the operational efficiency of all public and private partners.

Type of services provided

  • Support the MCAT in the reorganization of the services of the Ministry, the clarification of its objectives and its actions necessary for the development of the sector, the reinforcement of its internal capacities, in terms of matching training to the needs of the Directorates, and the coordination of activities of the priority sectors of the program;
  • Support the MCAT in the implementation of the SNCT and the implementation of an information system on culture and design as well as the implementation of a coordinated strategy for the development of cultural and tourist potential involving the central and regional structures of MCAT, decentralized communities and all local actors;
  • Support the MCAT in the organization of its decentralized services;
  • Help the MCAT in its support and strengthening action for professional organizations in the various sectors of the cultural and tourist sectors;
  • Support the design and organization of monitoring and evaluation services of the Ministry;
  • Strengthen and support the FDCT so that it is able to effectively pursue the implementation of the financing and support processes for businesses, at central and regional levels;
  • Strengthen the capacities of the FDCT so that it can sustainably support professional organizations from the various cultural and tourism sectors;
  • Reinforce and support the FDCT within the framework of regional planning process in coordination with the decentralized administrations (in particular those of the MCAT) and decentralized (Regional Council).

Main staff provided:

  • TA to the MCAT (740 w/d);
  • TA to the FDCT (740 w/d);
  • Pool NKE (142 w/d).

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