Ref N° 673

Technical Assistance for Implementation of the EU4Lankaran Programme

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 5 097 000
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
WEglobal (TR), WEglobal (I), EPM, Agricultural Advisory Cenre Brwinow, IRD Engineering
Start date
September 2021
End date
November 2024
Number of staff provided
7.020 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The purpose of this contract is to enhance the competitiveness and value-added of the fruit and vegetable sector of the Lankaran economic region also addressing the negative economic consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic by:

  • Improving the system for territorial development planning so that it considers and reflects climate change concerns in natural resource management and introduces regional profiling to the economic region;
  • Improving entrepreneurial and investment conditions in the region;
  • Establishing a modern network of local economic and community cooperation hubs in the fruit and vegetable sub-sector.

The results to be achieved by this project are clustered according to the corresponding project components:

Component 1: Strengthening the capacity of the Government of Azerbaijan for better planning and management of territorial development and smart specialisation strategies, which also will support local businesses facing economic consequences from the COVID-19 outbreak

  • Result 1: A district level socio-economic and environmental diagnosis is conducted and a profile with overview and features of the district is prepared for each district of the Lankaran economic region;
  • Result 2: A smart specialization strategy for the fruit and vegetable sub-sector is developed as a foundation for the territorial development plans;
  • Result 3: Territorial Development Plans for the Lankaran economic region and its six districts are designed and piloted.

Component 2: Improving the cooperation and communication between fruit and vegetable sector actors and the enhancement of market access by establishing a modern collaborative network of local economic and community cooperation hubs

  • Result 4: Cooperation and communication between Lankaran fruit and vegetable sector actors are improved through the establishment of a modern network of local economic and community cooperation hubs;
  • Result 5: Applied agricultural research delivery and smart technology transfer are improved in the Lankaran economic region as a driver of cooperation and communication in the fruit and vegetable sub-sector;
  • Result 6: Market access is enhanced by improving food safety standards and producer-buyer linkages, and e-services are strengthened.

Type of services provided

Core services focus on:

  • Strengthen and enhance the capacity of the GoA to better plan, implement and monitor territorial plans with a special focus on the fruit and vegetable sector;
  • Support sustainable and environmentally friendly development of the region;
  • Develop a single web-based portal with district level socio-economic and environmental data for all districts of the region;
  • Support enhancing the business environment, including the investment climate, and improving cooperation and communication between fruit and vegetable sector actors;
  • Support the implementation of the territorial development plans by developing and piloting the implementation and monitoring of model business projects on fruit and vegetable value chain development;
  • Knowledge sharing;
  • Project visibility, communication and dissemination of the project achievements.

Main staff provided:

  • TL – Regional Development Planning Expert (700 w/d);
  • Agri-food Business Expert (660 w/d);
  • Horticultural Value Chain Expert (660 w/d);
  • NKE pool (5.000 w/d).


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