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Technical Adviser to Support Decentralization and De-concentration Reform in the Education Sector

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 92 878
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
March 2016
End date
December 2016
Number of staff provided
6 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The objective of the consultancy is to provide technical support to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (‘the Ministry’) related to (1) sub-national democratic development (SNDD), (2) improving the quality of education management at school level and (3) capacity development of the Ministry’s staff. To achieve this objective, the consultancy requires the TA to facilitate collaboration between the Department of Legislation and other technical departments, the Ministry’s de-concentrated line departments, sub-national administrations (SNA), development partners and civil society organizations (CSO).

The intended outcomes of the consultancy are that:

  • Identified functions in ECE, Primary and NFE sub-sectors of the Ministry are transferred to Sub-National Administrations (SNA) through the reassignment of the current District Offices of Education, in line with legal instruments and the NCCD’s 3 year implementation plan, second phase;
  • A school based management training materials are rolled out training for school managers (relevant stakeholders) in support of D&D Phase I in Battambang;
  • Staff of the Department of Legislation have improved skills to carry on reform processes to develop relevant and high quality decentralization policies, strategies and regulations and there is enhanced coordination and communication between technical staff and the operational units in MoEYS and NCDD in relation to D&D Phase I;
  • The action plan supporting the Ministry’s D&D policy is finalised and relevant technical departments take its implications into account, including the on-going transfer of functions from the Ministry to SNAs and public education institutions;
  • Monitoring and support tools for functional assignment and enhancing school based management are being applied.

Type of services provided

Support Department of Legislation to transfer functions:

  • Provide coaching and mentoring to the SNDD Working Group in the education sector;
  • Complete and disseminate the action plan supporting the Ministry’s policy on D&D reform in accordance with legal framework and liaised with the IP3 phase II of NP;
  • Liaise, if possible, with the pilots of the social accountability framework;
  • Prepare monitoring and support mechanisms in coordination with stakeholders;
  • Support regular meetings with the Ministry’s stakeholders like development partners to address additional and emerging capacity development needs;
  • Regularly evaluate and adjust functional transfer strategies to ensure the continuation of phased assignment of functions to SNAs;
  • On-going training, mentoring and coaching of staff from the department of legislation with specific focus on problem analysis/solving through mind mapping, work planning and internal communication procedures and practices;
  • Strengthen collaboration between the MoEYS/NCDDS with relevant

Support the School Based Management Training in Battambang:

  • Closely co-operate with the Departments of Primary Education, Secondary Education, Personnel, Quality Assurance and Teacher Training;
  • Identify and prepare (previous) trainers, followed by phased training of school principals in selected areas;
  • Ensure a plan is in place that addresses countrywide implementation of the SBM, incorporated in the strategic document on SBM;
  • Ensure that planned assignment of additional school based management responsibilities are supported by increased school budget and capacity development interventions;
  • Ensure that (components) of training modules are integrated with the Ministry’s formal training programmes.

Enabling environment: (working with HR D&D TA). The consultant is expected to facilitate and coordinate the development of all key policy instruments, which are expected to cover (but not be limited to):

  • A sub-decree, outlining the scope and nature of the functional transfer;
  • Conditional grant mechanisms, including reviewed and revised allocation formulas;
  • HR transfer mechanisms (describing processes and responsibilities for recruitment, salary administration, appraisal, disciplinary action, etc.) in conjunction with HR D&D TA;
  • Restructuring of SNAs and revised job descriptions in conjunction with HR D&D TA;
  • Assess the need and feasibility for performance agreements; if feasible and desirable, develop performance agreements in conjunction with HR D&D TA;
  • Revised SNA reporting mechanisms including reporting within the SNA and between the SNA and MOEYS and its offices in conjunction with HR D&D TA;
  • Monitoring and reporting mechanisms from Communes to DMs.

Main staff provided:

  • Decentralisation expert (6 m/m).

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