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TA to support the AU – EU Youth Lab Communications Actions

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 99 937
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
December 2023
End date
December 2026
Number of staff provided
1094 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The Lab’s general objective is to contribute to the empowerment of youth in Africa and to strengthen their involvement in active, meaningful and innovative ways. To achieve this, it is vital to support the implementation of the programme AU-EU Youth Lab with strong communication, information, visibility, and dissemination actions. The project therefore ensures that policy-making and decision-making processes around the Africa-EU Partnership are more youth responsive and inclusive and that youth participation and representation is stronger. Moreover, young people, youth organisations and key stakeholders active around the AU-EU partnership are empowered to advocate for young people’s concerns at cross continental, continental. regional and national levels. Finally, a key target is the creation of joint African-European youth led cooperation activities.

The specific objectives of the contract are as follows:

  • Highlighting the AU-EU’s commitment to support youth;
  • Communicating the AU-EU Youth Lab’s achievements and results;
  • Promoting the Lab as a fine example of youth inclusion in the Africa-EU Partnership;
  • Communicate initiatives which bring African and European youth closer together;
  • Giving voice to the youth directly benefited by the AU-EU Youth Voices Lab and AU-EU Youth Action Lab;
  • Facilitation of the joint harmonized communication of all components of the programme;
  • Facilitation and coordination of communication among different stakeholders, including EU, AU, grantees, beneficiary organisations and individuals;
  • Development of innovative tools to facilitate participatory communication approaches.

Type of services provided

  • Design and implementation of a communication strategy for the whole EU-EU Youth Lab programme;
  • Enhancing the digital presence of the AU-EU Lab through the creation of a website and engagement with social media platforms such as Facebook, X, Instagram, and YouTube;
  • Provision of photo and video coverage of events;
  • Production of branded communication material;
  • Fostering of media relations with journalists and influencers;
  • Organisation of an online training seminar for efficient communication strategies;
  • Brand activation of the AU-EU lab by ensuring its presence in public events.

Main personnel provided:

  • Team leader and Communication Strategist (215 w/d);
  • Social Media Specialist (306 w/d);
  • Expert for Media Relations, Training Facilitation and Events (499 w/d).

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