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TA for Social & Governance Cluster and the Economic & Infrastructure Cluster Meetings of the 2011 SA-EU Annual Consultations

South Africa
National Treasury
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 15 163
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
PWC South Africa, UCT, DPRU, Indyebo
Start date
July 2011
End date
August 2011
Number of staff provided
1 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

Cooperation between South Africa, the European Community and the EU Member States takes place within the framework of the Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement (TDCA), that came into full force in May 2004.This agreement provides for economic and trade cooperation, development cooperation, political cooperation as well as cooperation in other areas. Development Cooperation under the TDCA supports policies and reforms carried out by the South African Government aimed at fighting poverty, promoting the integration of South Africa into the world economy, and consolidating the foundations of a democratic society.

The 2011 SA-EU Annual Consultations will focus on the joint development cooperation between the Government of South Africa and the European Union (i.e. European Commission and Member States). This will take the form of focused Cluster Workshops during August: (i) an Economic and Infrastructure Cluster Workshop and (ii) a Social- and Governance Cluster Workshop.

The format of the Cluster meetings will indicatively be as follows:

  • Presentation focusing on an overview of the Cluster, including a stocktaking of activities, Government’s objectives and future priorities;
  • A response from the donor community on the implementation of the Paris Declaration in the cluster context;
  • The presentation of some donor-funded programme/project in one or two of the fields covered by the cluster, followed by an open, facilitated discussion on experiences and examples of projects and initiatives taken in the context of the sub-clusters covered by the meeting;
  • Towards the future: a joint message or recommendation to be taken to the High Level Meeting.

Type of services provided

The core services were provided by Senior EUD Workshop Specialist. Core Services included:

  • Preparation in consultation with the National Treasury IDC Unit (Directors for Social and Governance as well as Economic and Infrastructure Cluster) and the EU Delegation with a view of obtaining an overview of the main issues that will be raised during the Workshops, the expected outcomes and the key stakeholders that need to be involved during discussions;
  • Taking note of key points of interest, lessons to be learnt, objectives highlighted and key challenges during the early sessions of the day (these will be chaired jointly by the IDC Unit and the EU);
  • Chairing and facilitation of focused discussions during the whole day, related to SA and EU experiences and examples of projects and initiatives taken in the context of the sub-clusters covered by the meeting;
  • Reporting on the discussions, key issues and recommendations of the Cluster Workshops.

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