Ref N° 34562

TA for Business Process Improvement for IDC, National Treasury

South Africa
National Treasury
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 20 218
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
PWC South Africa, UCT, DPRU, Indyebo
Start date
August 2011
End date
September 2011
Number of staff provided
1 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The immediate operating environment of the IDC, National Treasury has been subjected to change over the past few years. Several of these changes relate to changes in key management functionaries, including:

  • The Budget Office;
  • The Chief Director and Directors of the CD: IDC;
  • Chief Financial Officer;
  • Procurement / Supply-Chain Management; and
  • HR Management.

In this respect it is clear that internal and external changes have created a position where operational efficiencies are presented with challenges that require attention. Relatively recent internal management changes at the IDC could also have introduced potential uncertainties in completing routine operational processes. The overall objective of this assignment is to reconfigure the operations of the IDC, National Treasury from the bottom up, in phases:

  • Phase I: To describe the core of the IDC operations by mapping key business processes, and to render these transparent and predictable to the IDC team; and
  • Phase II: To reengineer processes where appropriate. These would be completed in terms of strategic shifts in both the immediate (domestic) and associated (international) environments. Once mapped, implementation of mapped changes would constitute the larger portion of this phase of the assignment.

Type of services provided

The core services were provided by Senior Business Process Specialist. Core Services included:

  • Completing preliminary interviews with Directors of the IDC;
  • Completing interviews with a substantial proportion of the team;
  • Completing a desktop review of all relevant documents, as agreed with the directors;
  • Mapping core business processes; and
  • Completing an internal workshop to solicit agreement with documented processes.

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