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Supporting Technical and Vocational Education and Training Reform in Pakistan – Mid Term Review

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 80 924
Origin of funding
EU – DCI Asia
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
April 2014
End date
July 2014
Number of staff provided
70 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The 5 year Project ‘Supporting TVET Reform in Pakistan (TVET II)’ is one of the two TVET programmes financed by the EU in Pakistan. The Programme is being implemented by GIZ through a Delegation Agreement and consists of 3 components each addressing a specific challenge of the TVET Sector:

  • A first component addresses governance issues and aims at improving institutional structures and strengths to implement the National Skills Strategy and the TVET Reform Programme. It focuses specifically on policy development in various areas and accreditation and quality assurance.
  • The second component addresses quality issues of TVET and support is provided to the development of a NQF including the development of competence based standards and training curricula as well as an upgrade of the pre- and in-service training.
  • The third component wants to enhance the symbiosis between demand for skilled labour and the supply from the TVET sector. Capacity building is provided to key stakeholders to analyse labour market information and in particular NAVTTC and the TEVTAs. Under this component also a fund for innovative training has been set up providing training for marginalised groups in underdeveloped and unstable regions. Already 14 pilot projects were implemented and 9 regular phase projects started in 2013.

Each of the components is in various stages of implementation and progress has been estimated to be reasonably good aside from some delays due to the specific context in Pakistan.

The aim of this Mid Term Review is to assess if the programme is proceeding satisfactorily (efficiency), is likely to obtain the results and is moving towards the specific objectives (effectiveness) and will have a sustainable impact on the core issue of employability of youth in Pakistan. It will equally assess how well the project fits into the overall government strategy and is interconnected to other TVET/Labour Market interventions in Pakistan (relevance and design). Specific attention will be paid to the gender issues.

Type of services provided

PROMAN provides the services of two TVET Experts who conduct the MTR in three phases:

  • Preparatory Phase:Document Study followed by the evaluation design and drafting of the Inception Report:including evaluation questions Review the existing ESDP Financial Model and formulate proposals for its upgrading;
  • Conducting the Review: Briefing with EUD, GIZ and GoP; field visits to four regions (if security allows) to visit project sites, conduct interviews and consult with various stakeholders; process and analyse data and information collected; prepare and organise a workshop and draft an Aide Memoire;
  • Reporting: prepare a MTR Report which assesses the status of the implementation of the project, provides detailed analytical information for future planning; reflects upon lessons learned.

PROMAN manages the assignment and provides backstopping and quality control.

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