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Support to the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Sector in Pakistan – Final Evaluation

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 164 672
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
November 2015
End date
March 2017
Number of staff provided
146 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

“Support to the TVET Sector in Pakistan” (TVET I) has a total cost of 21.17 M EUR where EU’s contribution is 19.47 M EUR. The project purpose is to improve the quality and outreach of skill trainings provision predominantly in the rural areas of Pakistan in response to the needs of the economic sector. The project has two main components. The first component is strengthening the planning, coordination and implementation capacity of relevant Technical Education and Vocational Training Authorities (TEVTAs) and service providers at the provincial level. This component is being implemented by GIZ GmbH. The second component provides qualitative, innovative and relevant programmes in response to the needs of the economic sectors for a public targeted predominantly in the rural areas. Under this component, six grant contracts have been signed with five International NGOs (ACTED, Care International, Plan international, Concern Worldwide, Oxfam Novib) and one local organisation (Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company (TUCDEC)).

The global objective of the assignment is to conduct a final evaluation of the project “Supporting TVET Sector in Pakistan”.

The specific objective of the final evaluation will be to assess project implementation in terms of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact to-date, and sustainability of the activities that have been undertaken.

The final evaluation, which is foreseen in the Technical and Administrative Provisions of the project’s Financing Agreement, will provide the decision-makers in the Government of Pakistan, the EU and other key stakeholders with an independent assessment of i) the overall performance of the project, paying particular attention to the impact of the project actions against its objectives, and ii) the sustainability/ phasing out strategy of the project and its effectiveness and feasibility. The evaluation will also identify key lessons and propose practical recommendations for follow-up and replication actions.

Type of services provided

  • Assess the progress made so far across project components towards the goals of complementing the efforts of the Government and other partners with regard to implementation of the NSS and reform of the TVET system. In particular, the assessment will evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact of project;
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of the vision, strategies and resources (human and financial) used, taking the findings of the ROM reports as a basis;
  • Review the overall LFA and the specific LFAs of each of the seven contracts and actively assist in the revision of these LFAs if required;
  • Assess the development and process of integration and how far the project has established linkages with other TVET interventions in Pakistan;
  • Assess the relationship between the relevant stakeholders in view of complementing each other’s efforts for the implementation of the NSS;
  • Assess the development of gender awareness and equity within the project;
  • Recommend amendments, where appropriate, to future replications/projects especially with regards expected results, activities, logical framework analyses, work plans and/ or reporting formats;
  • Assess the steps taken towards achieving sustainability after project completion for each of the seven contracts;
  • Verify, analyse and assess the integration and impact of cross cutting issues in the project.

The services are provided by a team of 2 experts.

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