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Support to Sectoral Reform of Education and Vocational Training in Niger (ARSEF II)

EU Delegation
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 5 120 470
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
January 2023
End date
May 2027
Number of staff provided
5.008 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The overall objective of this contract is to contribute to more equitable and efficient access to the education system and vocational training, particularly for women and young people (SDG4). The contract builds at the same time on the achievements under the previous ARSEF project in the field of education management and planning and specifically in education statistics, school mapping and resource allocation and monitoring and extends it to include the TVET sector.

Seven specific objectives will have to be addressed:

  • Support the production of reliable and timely annual statistics for all education/training sub-sectors;
  • Support the operationalization of the Ministry of National Education school mapping tool and the management of the TVET system in all aspects (infrastructure, human resources and resource allocation) to improve inclusiveness with focus on gender related issues and vulnerability.
  • Support and fully operationalize the reform of educational guidance and the management of flows between cycles;
  • Adapt and update the necessary curricula / methodologies whether at the level of the basic education system or TVET in line with government priorities;
  • Put in place the mechanisms necessary for transparency, governance, accountability and the fight against corruption by allowing citizens access to as much information as possible concerning the achievements and opportunities offered by the education sector and training;
  • Ensure the operationalization of reforms in the education and training of girls and education in emergency situations;
  • Optimize coordination, synergy, and sectoral alignment.

Type of services provided

Concretely the TA Team will support:

  • Annual timely production of reliable statistical yearbooks; revision and improvement of statistical tools; monitoring of annual census operations; use of the statistical database; digitization of statistical tools; budgeting of annual censuses;
  • Improvement and consolidation of the school card system set up at the MEN; programming and budgeting capacities in the MEN; strategic framing of interventions the establishment of TVET steering mechanisms; the institutionalized device for multi-annual planning of TVET; TVET infrastructure programming and management system;
  • Operationalization of a referral mechanism; educational and vocational career guidance information system; management of the system;
  • Curriculum reform in primary education and mainly innovative disciplines; development of curricula for priority TVET sectors; management of vocational training establishments and centers;
  • Organizational audit of the ministries in charge of education and training; an electronic archiving system (SAE); ICT in management and teaching processes;
  • Implementation of SNAEFFF and SNRV;
  • TFP coordination secretariat which will involve technical, administrative and monitoring tasks; the Nigerien government in leading sector dialogue bodies; communication and information sharing.

Main staff provided:

  • Team Leader and Planning Expert (902 w/d);
  • TVET planning and development expert (902 w/d);
  • Statistics Expert (902 w/d);
  • Coordination and synergy expert (902 w/d);
  • Short term expertise (803 w/d).

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