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Support to the management and the implementation of the Sector Development Plan for Education and Training (PSDEF) in Burundi

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 497 000
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
I&D (Lead)
Start date
August 2013
End date
February 2016
Number of staff provided
28 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The Overall Objective of this contract is to support the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, TVET and Literacy (MEBSEMFPA) in the management and implementation of the Sector Plan 2012-2020 and in particular of the Common Fund for Education (FCE).

The project will act as an accompanying, monitoring and driving force to ensure adequate programming, efficientexecution and quality monitoring of activities foreseen under the PSDEF and in particular those financed by the FCE.Capacity strengthening of reinforcement of the structures and directories in charge of the preparation and technical and financial execution and the coordination of the activities of the PSDEF is a key element of the contract. With regard to the FCE, it is also expected that the experts provide support to the compliance of with applicable rules and procedures and the correct financial execution of the activities financed by the FCE.

To a lesser extend the project will also provide similar assistance to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research whose activities are equally part of the PSDEF.

Expected results :

  • Regular Dialogue between the Technical and Financial Partners (PTF)and the authorities on the PDSEF and the FCE;
  • Efficient management of the financing of the PTF and the FCE;
  • Satisfactory implementation of the activities, reflected amongst others in the absorption rate of resources;
  • Provision of quality reports on the implementation of the PSDEF including the FCE within the delays foreseen in the manual of procedures;
  • Strengthening of management and steering capacity within the MEBSEMFPA and the MERS.

Type of services provided

  • Support the Permanent Secretary of the MEBSEMFPA in the management and implementation of the Sector Plan and particularly the FCE ; preparation of sector reviews of the PSDEF;
  • Ensure effectiveness and quality of the education strategies and activities implemented in the framework of the PSDEF and specifically those financed by FCE;
  • Provide assistance to the technical directories of the Ministry in order to strengthen their capacity in the programming, reporting and technical and financial implementation of activities the framework of the PSDEF (FCE);
  • Support the PS and the DG of Administration (DGA)of the MEBSEMFPA in the management, execution and application of procedures of the financial transfers towards de-concentrated structures;
  • Support the MESRS in the programming, reporting and technical and financial management of higher education related activities financed by the FCE;
  • Support the MEBSEMFPA and the MESRS in de development of the social sector dialogue with the PTF, civil society and particularly those involved in the FCE;
  • Support MEBSEMFPA in the coordination of LT and ST expertise mobilised in the framework of the implementation of the PSDEF and the FCE.

Main staff provided:

Team leader (28 m/m).

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