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Support to the legislative and regulatory convergence process in the field of employment and social affairs

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 99 972
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Proportion carried out by legal entity
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Start date
September 2015
End date
December 2015
Number of staff provided
25 w/d

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In order to ensure compliance with international labour standards, the provisions of international conventions and the new constitutional principles, Morocco committed to implement the necessary reforms in various socio-economic areas, deepening its process of convergence towards the Acquis of the EU. In this context, as stressed in the Action plan Morocco-EU, updating the labour legislation is fundamental.

However, and particularly since the entry into force of the Labour Code, Morocco has ratified new conventions. Also, the standard-setting policy of the International Labour Office (ILO) has undergone new developments, characterised by the adoption of new standards, but especially by the priority given to the promotion of basic rights and decent work.

Therefore the question arises whether the national legal system is still in step with these changes. To answer this question, it is considered appropriate to assess the degree of legal convergence between the existing Labour Code (and its implementation rules) in Morocco, and the requirements of the Acquis Communautaire and European best practices (legal solutions adopted at the level of Member States having a legal and institutional framework similar to the one of Morocco).

In this context, this project intends to contribute to the design and the implementation of reforms identified by the stakeholders and the administration, as well as to propose legal solutions, adaptable to the specific context of the country, that have had a positive impact on the labour market in the EU.

Type of services provided

Services are provided by a team of 2 experts:

  • Senior legal expert, specialised in labour law (TL);
  • Senior expert, labour economist.

Core services include:

  • Presentation of the requirements by the acquis communautaire of the EU and best practices in the areas of employment and work relations;
  • Assessment of the divergence between the Moroccan legal framework and said requirements;
  • Assessment of the regulatory impact of the proposed recommendations;
  • Restitution for the beneficiaries and the most representative stakeholders.

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