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Support to the Education Sector Reform in Lao PDR (Education Sector Development Plan 2011-2015)

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 1 170 980
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
4assist, Save the Children Norway
Start date
January 2015
End date
July 2017
Number of staff provided
1.26 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The overall objective of the Programme of which this contract will be a part of is to contribute to achieve the ESDP 2011-2015 goals of expanding equitable access, improving quality and relevance and strengthening planning and management, in line with the 7th NSEDP and MDGs.

The purpose of the project is to support the attainment of ESDP pillar 2 “Improve quality and relevance” through implementation of Education Quality Standards for primary education and improved textbook management and supply and pillar 3 objectives” Strengthen Planning and Management” by strengthening the planning and budgeting process.

Results to be achieved by the contractor include:

  • Strengthened capacity of MoES in implementing school self-assessment and quality monitoring against education quality standards for primary education and using the assessment results to improve school, district and provincial planning and budgeting;
  • Improved textbook supply (planning and budgeting), procurement processes and management;
  • Increased capacity in the MoES in the fields of policy development and medium term planning; planning and budgeting; monitoring and evaluation;
  • Contribution to the overall dialogue, implementation and appraisal process of policy actions of the ESDP and support programme (EU SRC and PRSO 8-11) by providing technical advices to the EU Delegation in Lao PDR for the implementation and monitoring of PRSO and EU SRC Programme Specifically to EU performance tranche indicators for education sector.

Type of services provided

  • Technical support for the nationwide dissemination of implementation of the school self-assessment instrument and school development plan;
  • Technical support to ESQAC and relevant departments to develop the quality monitoring system and link the Quality indicator to existing EMIS; to review and standardize guidelines/manual for school self-assessment and a template for school development plan;
  • Technical support to Central, provincial and districts to strengthen the existing textbook procurement and supply system;
  • Development of Education Planning and Budgeting Process based on existing ACSEP guideline calendar and automation of the education budget process;
  • Capacity Building Activities in Planning and education finance including training for relevant staff at the central, provincial and district levels;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Strengthening at central, provincial and districts levels by building more systemic monitoring framework. Provide capacity building for M&E network as necessary;
  • Provide technical, administrative and logistical and secretariat support (including the preparation of the agenda and the drafting and circulation of minutes) to the Focal Group 3: Education Management, Administration and Performance Assessment.

Main staff provided:

  • Team leader/Senior Education Expert (360 m/d);
  • Junior Facilitation Team Coordinator (550 m/d).

PROMAN as lead company oversees overall implementation and quality control; and contracts the services of the Team Leader and selected STE.

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