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Support to the Development of Social Welfare Regulatory Mechanisms

Ministry of Finance / CFCU
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 891 500
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
NIRAS IC Sp z.o.o., KPMG d.o.o.
Start date
June 2017
End date
June 2020
Number of staff provided
1.460 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The overall objective of the IPA 2013 Social Development sector programme is to contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth for the Republic of Serbia by building a more knowledgeable and skilled labour force, improving social protection policies and promoting the social inclusion of vulnerable populations, enabling greater opportunities for a better standard of living in alignment with the targets set forth by the Europe 2020 Strategy.

The purposes of this contract are:

  • To provide technical assistance to the Beneficiary Institutions in the management of Grant Scheme, in an effective and timely manner;
  • To assist further development of the community based services and initiatives in Serbia, by providing guidance and support in up taking of the awarded grant actions;
  • To perform the capacity building and piloting of innovative instruments for the improvement of social welfare service standards, as well as to introduce new regulatory mechanisms in social protection, including overarching social protection development strategy.

Expected results include:

R.1 Technical assistance in grant scheme implementation:

  • R.1.1. The expertise on grant implementation, monitoring, narrative and financial reporting is strengthened and know-how is developed and increased within the Beneficiary Institution and Contracting Authority;
  • R.1.2. The capacity of the Grant Beneficiaries in project management, implementation, reporting, as well as EU procurement and visibility rules is developed and increased;
  • R.1.3. The reliable follow up of progress and information concerning the outcome of all projects implemented under the grants scheme is gathered and used within the risk management framework;
  • R.1.4. The awareness and publicity of the EU support in social inclusion area is increased.

R.2 Guidance and support to the awarded grant actions:

  • R.2.1. Expert advice and ad hoc support is provided in developing appropriate impact and sustainability of piloted and established services and initiatives, including support in introduction, delivery, funding and licencing of services and service providers who are awarded with grants;
  • R.2.2 Experiences of the grant actions are evaluated, analysed and used as an empirical base for putting in place of legal frameworks, policies, procedures and measures that enable mainstreaming of services and initiatives that are found relevant, effective and replicable, in the context of Serbian social protection, health, education and employment sphere.

R.3 Piloting and evaluation of new regulatory mechanisms:

  • R.3.1. Support provided to the Beneficiary Institution to design methodology for the piloting of innovative instruments within the regulatory framework of social protection in Serbia;
  • R.3.2. The proposed innovative instruments are piloted and evaluated;
  • R.3.3 Support provided to the Beneficiary Institution in putting in place legal framework, policies and procedures that should govern the new regulatory mechanisms in social protection, including the introduction of the principle ‘money follows the client’;
  • R.3.4 Capacity building activities implemented for entities who are subjects of new regulatory mechanism, but also to enforcers and administrators;
  • R.3.5 National social protection development strategy is developed, discussed with stakeholders and civil society representatives in a form of public consultation and corresponding action plan developed.

Type of services provided

Core services include:

  • Technical and administrative assistance to the Beneficiary Institution for effective management of the grant scheme;
  • Providing support to the Beneficiary Institution in monitoring of awarded grants, during their entire implementation and provision of support to grant beneficiaries in the implementation of their actions;
  • Strengthening of social protection system through further development of community-based services;
  • Testing and piloting of the innovative instruments that improve the quality of care and current social welfare service standards;
  • Support to the Beneficiary Institution in the monitoring and evaluation of social expenditures in order to make the best use of resources available and in order to mainstream the awarded CBSSs into the sustainable service provision;
  • Analysis of possible scenarios for the revision and development of procedures on the basis of which care is funded and delivered to ensure proper targeting, better outreach and improved outcomes;
  • Support with development of new national social protection development strategy.

The services are provided by a team of two key experts:

  • Team Leader/Grant Scheme Expert (300 w/d);
  • Social Welfare Expert (200 w/d);

complimented with a pool of 660 w/d of specialised STE.

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