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Support Programme to Basic Social Services – Education (PASSOBA-Education) – extension

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 2 697 998
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
August 2016
End date
June 2018
Number of staff provided
3.468 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The specific objective of PASSOBA-Education is to improve the geographical and financial access to education, and to promote education quality and educational services in 9 regions of Madagascar (Sava, Analanjirofo, Menabe, Atsimo-Andrefana, Anosy, Boeny, Atsinanana, Betsiboka et Vakinankaratra), in compliance with the Education for All plan and the temporary plan of the development of the education sector.

The specific objectives of the present contract are:

  • Provide technical assistance to ensure coordination, planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting and financial and contractual management of PASSOBA-Education Programme in Madagascar (32 million EUR) so as to ensure its activities in planning, implementation, monitoring and sustainability;
  • Provide short term technical assistance to promote education quality and educational services in 9 regions of Madagascar.

The contractor’s work must contribute, through the implementation of PASSOBA-Education Programme, to reach the foreseen main results of the programme:

  • Management of the peripheral and decentralised structures is strengthened;
  • The cover and quality of the provided services, particularly for public primary schools (PPS) is strengthened;
  • Management of human resources in districts and peripheral structures is improved.

Type of services provided

Setting-up and management of a central Management and Facilitation Unit (UGFP) with antennas in the 9 regions of the programme whose main tasks are the following:

a)Programme management:

  • Preparation, management and reporting on execution, in the frame of private indirect centralized operations, successive programme estimates;
  • Contractual and financial management of the programme;
  • Prepare annual action plans;
  • Preparing dossiers of invitation to tender for works, supplies and services markets;
  • Contribute to evaluations and audits such as planned in the Financing Agreement.

b)Coordination and Advices:

  • Ensure the liaison between the programme and the technical services of MEN in order to guarantee compliance of the activities implemented with policies and prospects of MEN;
  • Coordinate the Regional Technical Assistants activities and provide them the necessary elements for a homogeneous, coherent and high quality level implementation in the different regions of intervention;
  • Ensure coordination of short term experts for training needs;
  • Ensure coherence between stakeholders, MEN’s authorities and other stakeholders working in or in the periphery of the programme;
  • Ensure dialogue, coordination and synergies with other relevant programmes for education funded by EU and other PTF;
  • Ensure secretariat of the Steering Committee;
  • Ensure a good collaboration and coordination between the different stakeholders;
  • Coordinate the organisation of visibility activities of the programme.

c)Information and support to Regional Directions of National Education (DREN):

  • Support and technical assistance to maximize financial flows of DREN to CISCO and establishments;
  • Support, advise and technical assistance to maximize information flows of school centres to MEN via CISCO and DREN;
  • Support, advise and technical assistance to analyse needs and organisation of training circuits for the teaching and administrative staff of DREN, CISCO and school centres.

d)Evaluation committee Secretariat of calls for proposal:

  • Logistical support to meetings organisation;
  • Management of the recruitment process for independent evaluators;
  • Ensure the committee secretariat.

Main staff provided:

  • Team leader (376 m/d), free-lance expert;
  • Finance Expert (376 m/d), free-lance expert;
  • Regional Advisers (1.892 m/d), free-lance experts;
  • Assistant to the TL (344 m/d), free-lance expert;
  • Infrastructure expert (379 m/d), free-lance expert;
  • Short term experts (101 m/d).

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