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Support for the Development of the National Human Resource Development (HRD) Strategy and Social Impact Assessment Framework

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 499 881
Origin of funding
African Development Bank
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
CEI, The Edge Consulting
Start date
September 2016
End date
August 2017
Number of staff provided
530 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

Seychelles is a small island developing state and following a comprehensive reform program that the Government began in 2008, the Seychelles has experienced positive GDP growth rates. However the Government has recognized that capacity constraints in human resources pose a challenge to the sustained medium-term and long term growth in the Seychelles. Currently, the needs for qualified and competent human resources to achieve the targeted objectives for continuous economic development are not fulfilled. The central prerequisite for achieving such an ambition largely depends on the country’s vision, strategic priorities and is intimately linked to a human resources base that is dynamic, multi and highly skilled, responsive and proactive.

The government has strategically invested in education and training. However, it needs to address specific gaps of skills and expertise, particularly at managerial, professional and technical level, which have resulted in an increase in expatriate employment. Because of this concern and the relevance of human resource development to economic growth the Agency for National Human Resource Development (ANHRD) is preparing a Human Resources Development Strategy.

The overall objective of the assignment is to develop a national Human Resources Development (HRD) strategy in order to transform the knowledge and skills base, diversify the economy and address the skills and expertise gaps.

Type of services provided

  • Conduct a nationwide HR needs analysis of which the outcome will culminate into the formulation of a multiyear HR development plan in line with the national development strategy;
  • Assess the institutional capacity of key labour market related institutions (e.g. Ministry of Labour, training institutions) with the aim of providing a thorough knowledge and understanding of the strategic vision, current and foreseen challenges, and institutional capacity within the context of meeting HR supply and demand;
  • Formulate a national HR Development Strategy for the next five (5) years;
  • Update the national HR development policy which dates back to 2005 and bring it in line with the current national Employment Policy and economic realities;
  • Develop a HR Planning Module in collaboration with the University of Seychelles to be included within a degree course in HR development;
  • Develop an accredited Train the Trainer program in collaboration with the University of Seychelles;
  • Develop strategies and policies to meet skills gaps in the short, medium and long term to meet development objectives;
  • Develop an appropriate standard HR Information System;
  • Develop a national job coding system in association with the National Statistics Bureau;
  • Develop a national guide for the HR Development Planning Strategy.

The services are provided by a team of 6 experts:

  • Team leader (119 m/d);
  • Two HRD Experts (219 m/d);
  • IT Expert (50 m/d);
  • Statistician (70 m/d);
  • Institutional development expert (72 m/d).


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