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Summative Evaluation of the Child Friendly School Project and Assessment and Assistance in Strategic Development of the Education Programme for the next Country Programme of Cooperation 2010-2015

UNICEF Tashkent
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 62 310
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Start date
May 2009
End date
September 2009
Number of staff provided
3 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

At the beginning of 2008 the Government developed a new National Programme on improving the quality and efficiency of education at all levels (from pre-school to higher education) for 2008-2012.Education reform in Uzbekistan is supported by many donors and international agencies. The UNICEF Programme on education consists of two sub-projects: Early Learning and School Readiness and Establishing Child Friendly Learning Environment.

The objective of this consultancy is twofold:

First an evaluation of the CFS Project will be conducted. The CFS Project in Uzbekistan pursues 3 specific objectives, i.e. (i) to support the transition to the child-centred educational environment; (ii) to set up the conditions for collaboration of school, family and community; and (iii) to strengthen school management through its decentralization. Initiated in 2003 in 51 schools as the Global Education Project, it now covers 737 schools in 5 regions, 5 Pedagogical Institutes and all ISTTIs with the National CFS concept developed.The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the potential of the CFS principles to be mainstreamed into national education policies, strategies and action plans in Uzbekistan, to inform the forthcoming strategic planning process, and to support a synergetic approach of the UN and donor community in the Uzbekistan education system.

Taking on board the outcome of the CFS evaluation, a thorough assessment of the education sector development in the country will be done, in terms of the reforming progress and based on evidence document if the UNICEF programme is meeting its objectives in terms of increased access and quality (education, teachers and pedagogues); if it is in line with the reform policy and complementing other donor activities; and where to take it from here. Findings and recommendations from this assessment will be applied to develop most appropriate interventions in education related activities for the government and donor community under UNICEF leadership for the next Country Programme (2010-2015) and beyond (till 2020) as well as for UNDAP.

Type of services provided

PROMAN provides the services of an Senior Education Expert and an Education Economist, who in close collaboration with UNICEF and the Ministry of Public Education and National Scientific Education and the Regional Teams of the MoPE:

  • Review all the reports and materials related to the CFS Component and the education sector;
  • Designs evaluation tools (guidelines for structured interviews and FGD – questionnaires);
  • Conduct a nationwide survey, collect , process and interpret data;
  • Analyze current strategy of the education sector development in the country in terms of identifying the areas of overwhelming support and gaps in donor assistance as well as in terms of its alignment to the emerging needs of the economic and market development, taking into consideration human rights based approach to programming;
  • Recommend necessary changes/improvements to be included into the next country programme of collaboration between the Government of Uzbekistan and UNICEF, as well as for the UNDAF;
  • Support government in the strategic planning and development of vision for the education sector development for the next ten years;
  • Present the results of the CFS at the Central Asian Education Forum in Bishkek (15-17/09/2009).

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