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Setting–up a Vocational Short Term Training System

MEPU EC (Ministry of Pre-University Education and Civil Education)
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 432 073
Origin of funding
Common Fund (AFD, KfW/GIZ Catalytic Fund)
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
November 2010
End date
December 2012
Number of staff provided
546 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The Education Sector Policy (LPSE) gives absolute priority to the development of a vocational education and training system that responds adequately to the needs of the enterprises in the informal and modernised sectors of the economy and whish more demand oriented. As such a new Education Sector Programme (PSE) was launched in March 2008 with as one of the main objectives the set-up of a vocational training system that responds in an efficient and effective way to the expectations of the youngsters and the enterprises. More precisely the Programme sets out to create short vocational training trades with the objective to ensure the insertion in the labour market of 20% of the primary school leavers who do not continue to lower secondary education, 30% of lower secondary school leavers who do not enrol in higher secondary education by 2015.

The following activities have therefore been foreseen in the Three Annual Budget Planning (PBTA) of the Education Sector Programme, Programme 3 (technical and vocational education and training): (i) piloting and partnership; (ii) validation of the key trades; (iii) identification of programmes and infrastructures; (iv) operationalization.

The first activity envisages accompanying the National Direction for Vocational Training (DN-FP) during the first year of implementation of initiatives for short term vocational training. The current partnership contract with a specialised institution will provide assistance to the relevant staff in the Ministry.

Type of services provided

PROMAN and Cecoforma provide the services of a Long Term Expert with short term inputs of a national Expert.

Activities include:

  • Preparing a synthesis of diagnostics and recommendations of recent studies and projects;
  • Organizing a reflection on the design of a renewed and adequate system;
  • Set-up of a consultation process with enterprises todetermine the needs of the labour market, the structure of the labour force, the subjects and the course of action for the training, equipment and infrastructure needs, the management structures, implementation and monitoring of the new system, investment and recurrent cost calculations and the financing modalities;
  • Organise the approval and validation of the proposed system with the different stakeholders in TVET;
  • Draft a detailed Multi-Annual Action Plan and the programming and follow-up tools;
  • Prepare the tender dossiers, partnership contracts, contracts for service delivery and legal texts on the statutes of the Centres of Professional Insertion and the Trainers, create new private or mixed institutions for advise, organisation and control of the new trades;
  • Organise the follow-up and the coordination of the renewed training system (piloting, coordination, supervision, progress reports, communication, provide an account of sector reviews and analytical operational balance.

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