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Sector Support Identification and Formulation Mission: ‘Support to the Education Sector Policy in Morocco’ financed by the European Commission 2009 National Indicative Programme

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 173 028
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
March 2008
End date
November 2009
Number of staff provided
4.4 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

Education is a top priority for the Government of Morocco, its education policy is principally based on the National Charter for Education and Training, issued in December 1999, with the objective to put in place a new institutional framework through 6 strategic objectives: 1) extending education and its applications to the economic environment, 2) pedagogical organisation, 3) quality improvement, 4) human resources, 4) governance, 5) partnership and financing. Although substantial progress has been made in the different areas over the years; there has been a lack of an active policy to increase the participation in the education system of all citizens including the most disadvantaged group. The EC support defined under this mission will focus on sustaining the policy of promoting the demand for education.

The objectives of this assignment are twofold:

  • During a first phase the experts will identify a Sector Support Programme offering reasonable feasibility guarantees;
  • If the EC takes a decision in favour of sector support programme under the form of budget support, during the formulation of the Programme will be done during a Second Phase;
  • A third validation phase might take place.

The experts will:

  • Analyse and assess the 7 eligibility criteria for EC Budget Support: the Education Strategyof the GoM ; the donor coordination mechanisms;consultation of beneficiaries and performance monitoring; institutional capacity; macro-economic framework and public finance system;
  • Update and in-depth evaluation of the Sector Programme eligibility; a justified selection of operational and financing tools; an indicative schedule with tranches and disbursements if the sector budget supportoption is retained, TA needs assessment.

Type of services provided

PROMAN provides the services of three experts:

  • An Education Policy Expert (Team Leader);
  • A Pedagogy Expert;
  • A Macro-Economic and Public Finance Expert.

The experts produce :

  • An Identification Report comprising 1) a critical in-depth analysis of the Government Education Strategy and an assessment of the six other eligibility criteria for EC Budget Support. 2) The principle lines of a sector approach, specifying different options and an assessment of their feasibility. 3) A list of existing indicators allowing to measure annual progress in each of the basic lines , with a precise definition of the indicator and its source of verification;
  • A Formulation Report detailing the scope and the modalities of the Support Programme including a reduced list of relevant indicators.

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