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Production of UNGEI Strategic Directions 2017-2022 Report

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 13 890
Origin of funding
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Consortium members
Start date
May 2017
End date
June 2017
Number of staff provided
15 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

UNGEI is a multi-stakeholder partnership committed to improving the quality and availability of girls’ education and contributing to the empowerment of girls and women through education. Launched in 2000 at the Dakar World Education Forum, UNGEI has been the ‘most visible global initiative associated with gender equality and EFA’ (GMR 2015). UNGEI is an advocacy-oriented partnership comprising of 24 global and regional partners, 4 regional partnerships and nearly 50 associated country coalitions, networks and affiliations, as well as a far-reaching global network.

In September 2016, UNGEI launched a process of review and renewal with the intention of developing a statement on Strategic Directions 2017 – 2022. This would include a review of the mandate and vision, policy advocacy agenda and governance structure as well as current staffing and funding structure. The process included consultation, background studies, and two face to face meetings, a Focus Group meeting, and Strategic Review meeting attended by members of the Global Advisory Committee (GAC) and other strategic partners. A draft paper, UNGEI Strategic Directions 2017-2022, was drafted in January and circulated for input through the early months of the year.

The purpose of the consultancy is to reinforce and help finalize the current draft UNGEI Strategic Directions paper, including the development of a Theory of Change, results or monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) framework and governance framework.

Type of services provided

  • Lead on the review, revision and further development of the draft Strategic Directions paper;
  • Develop a Theory of Change to justify and illustrate the goal, strategies and activities put forward in the Strategic Directions paper;
  • Develop an appropriate results (MEL) framework, aligned to the Theory of Change and well suited to UNGEI’s mandate and ways of working;
  • Assist in reviewing the existing UNGEI Governance Framework including clear articulation of the role of the Secretariat, regional partnerships and Regional Focal Points, the Steering Committee and Global Advisory Committee and UNICEF, proposing options for change as appropriate;
  • Integrate all components of the paper and prepare a complete draft, subsequent draft and final paper to be presented for approval to the UNGEI Global Advisory Committee.

Main staff provided:

  • Education sector specialist (15 w/d).

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