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Mid Term Evaluation of the Support Vocational Training for Insertion in the Labour Market: Consolidation and Extension (APROLAB II)

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 67 696
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
November 2009
End date
April 2010
Number of staff provided
65 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The National Indicative Programme signed by the EC in November 2006 and by the Government of Peru in June 2007, has earmarked 20 Million Euro to APROLAB II. The objective of the Programme is to reorient the technical and vocational education to the demands of the labour market, the socio-economic needs and the development opportunities of the country.

The Programme is implemented on three levels: within the Ministry of Education at the National Directory for Higher Education and Technical and Vocational Training and the Directory of Higher Technological Education and Technical Production; on a medium level at the Regional Education Offices and the Units for Local Education Management and on micro level within 30 Technical Education Production Centres (CETPRO) and 20 Higher Technological Institutes (IST).

The Results of the Programme to be achieved are:

  • Enhanced capacity on all three levels;
  • Supply of vocational and technical education meeting the demands of the labour market and the corresponding curricula implemented;
  • Teachers applying the new curricula in the 30 CETPRO and the 20 IST using advanced pedagogical methods;
  • Equipment and refurbishment;
  • Successful implementation of a programme for youth without employment and without education;
  • The Seven beneficiary regions of the programme are provided with an Information System of Education for Work and with instruments to match the supplied of training/education to the demands of the Labour Market.

A Mid Term Evaluation is foreseen in the Financing Agreement in order to provide decision makers with:

  • An overall and independent evaluation of the implementation of the project, and more specifically the progress of the actions being carried out;
  • Principle lessons learned and practical recommendations for the continuation of the activities and the monitoring thereof.

Type of services provided

PROMAN provides the services of the Second Expert (TVET), while DRN provides the Team Leader. The team will:

  • Study all relevant documentation and describe the context of the evaluation, formulate remarks on the LFW, develop the evaluation methodology and approach, propose a work plan;
  • Carry out field visits in line with the work plan and interview people listed, visits the regions; organise an information meeting with the project responsible and the ECD after a first phase;
  • Conduct sufficient and adequate consultations with a variety or stakeholders; collaborate closely with authorities involved; use reliable sources of information; bring information from different sources in line, to facilitate interpretation. Present a Summary of findings at the end of the Field Phase;
  • Prepare a final report, guaranteeing a objective and balanced evaluation based on exact and verifiable facts and with realistic recommendation;
  • Present the results of the Study at a Seminar.

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