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Mid-Term Evaluation of the Project SRRMLME- Support to the Reintegration of Returnees and to the Management of Labour Migration in Ethiopia

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 44 990
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
B&S Europe
Start date
October 2017
End date
December 2017
Number of staff provided
50 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The Support the Reintegration of Returnees and to the Management of labour migration in Ethiopia (SRRMLME) project, which has a total duration of 48 months, has two components:

  • The first component, managed by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and aims at providing reintegration assistance to Ethiopian migrants through a holistic and coherent economic and social empowerment approach, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups;
  • The second component, which has two specific objectives, is implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA). The objectives of the second component of the project are to improve access to legal migration through enhanced capacity of relevant government authorities and to sensitize communities with historically large numbers of migrants, enabling them to take informed decisions about migration, including awareness and prevention of irregular migration and human trafficking.

The main aim of the mid-term evaluation is to provide lessons and operational recommendations, and identify areas for improvement, to enable the SRRMLME team – MoLSA, ILO, NAO and EU Delegation- to make corrective measures aimed at a better achievement of the project’s objectives and priorities, and ultimately at improving labour migration management in Ethiopia.

The specific objectives of this mid-term evaluation are:

  • Evaluate how the SMLME is currently managed, implemented and monitored, and how it could be improved, including its coordination/complementarity with the ILO component;
  • Assess the performance of the SMLME project, paying particular attention to the results and outcomes of project actions against expected objectives and results; and,
  • Evaluate the relevance of SRRMLME (both ILO and MOLSA components) in the national development/ migration assistance context (complementarity; initiating dialogue; etc.).

Type of services provided

  • Assess the overall management and implementation of the project in delivering the results identified in the Project Action Fiche and legal basis;
  • Evaluate the delivery of project actions against the objectives set in the actions fiches;
  • Propose improvements for the project’s management, implementation. monitoring and evaluation;
  • Assess the contribution of the different components to the achievement of expected objectives (main and specific);
  • Assess the complementarity among all components of the project and towards EU/ Ethiopia development and migration policies; and,
  • Provide recommendations for the remaining implementation period of the project (PE 2 and extension of ILO’s component).

The services are provided by a team of two experts:

  • Lead Evaluator (30 w/d);
  • Local Evaluator (20 w/d).

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