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MDG-F Culture & Development Programme– Formulation mission

Bosnia & Herzegovina
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 40 000
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
January 2008
End date
March 2008
Number of staff provided
60 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The current institutional constellation of BiH, stipulated by the Dayton Constitution, also entrenched the right to a vernacular education, and confirmed the existing division of the education sector along ethnic lines. Because of its close relation to issues concerning cultural identity and ideology, the education sector is the most politicized social sector in BiH. Cultural fragmentation is perpetuated and institutionalized in the education system at large. These worrying trends demonstrate the necessity of a dynamic and emancipative interpretation of culture that emphasizes unity and commonalities, while acknowledging diversity, as a key asset of BiH. Hence, cultural development must be a key ingredient of nation building, recognizing that the unique coexistence of diverse cultures is a comparative advantage and a source of strength. By now it has become evident that there can be no substantive social development without the inclusive and emancipative potentials embedded in culture.

In order to reverse the harmful trend of further cultural fragmentation that not only hampers development but also significantly damages multiculturalism in BiH, UNDP will start to engage in cultural matters related to development in a more broad and systematic way. Together with UNESCO and UNICEF, UNDP will soon commence a joint programme designed to improve cross-cultural understanding in BiH, and to promote the country’s unique multicultural identity. Bearing in mind the complexity of problems in this field, the programme will focus on several important areas. These are areas of policy and legal frameworks in cultural and education sectors, community-based interventions for increased cross-cultural understanding, promotion of the cultural industry sector, as well as the promotion of the unique multicultural identity of BiH. Besides partnering with the main local stakeholders and responsible institutions, the programme will also maximize the economic and social benefits of cultural development, and make a substantive contribution to the reconciliation process.

Type of services provided

The Formulation Mission Team (FMT) consisted of a Team Leader; Co-Team Leader; Cultural Policy Specialist, Cultural Industry Development Specialist, and a Cultural Education Specialist.

PROMAN provided the services of the Cultural Education Specialist.

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