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Improving access to basic social services for people affected by the crisis in the region of Kidal (I)

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 233 016
Origin of funding
MAE, Lux.
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
August 2013
End date
June 2014
Number of staff provided
6 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

After the regular army recaptured the towns in the north of Mali, the DDKR Programme is providing support in the Kidal region adapted to the new reality on the ground.The Programme focuses on the needs of the most vulnerable groups and provides support to the displaced population who wishes to return and aims at alleviating the effects of the security crisis on their living conditions and access to basic social services (education and health).

Specific Objectives are :

  • Provide food aid to 270 vulnerable households or an average of 1.620 persons in difficulties to enable them to bridge the ‘hunger gap’;
  • Take care of 150 children suffering from malnutrition;
  • Enhance access to quality health services through supporting the five health centres in operation with supplies of medicines and other medical supplies;
  • Enhance access to quality education through supporting the 16 operational schools with supplies of learning materials and other school equipment as well as support to school feeding programmes for 265 pupils;
  • Enhance access to quality education through refurbishingand supply oftable-benches for seven schools;
  • Contribute to a reliable needs assessment in terms of identifying the vulnerable people and their needs throughfield work and the setting up (or the reviving) of Community Committeesin charge of census and distribution of emergency aid;
  • Contribute to empowering women through granting of subsidies for income generating activities/ initiatives for 256 associations/women groups or a total of 3.975 vulnerable women;
  • Ensure close monitoring of the management of the planned activities.

The key results of the programme are:

  • Result 1: Living conditions and means of vulnerable households are improved and secured;
  • Result 2: Income generating activities of associations and women groups are supported;
  • Result 3: Access of the population to basic social services (education and health) is improved.

Type of services provided

PROMAN who is managing the programme, assures the implementation on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxemburg.

Activities will be implemented in collaboration with the NGO/CSOs in the Kidal Region. A focal point of the Management Unit based in Bamako will be present in the town of Kidal. Agents of partner NGOs will be based in the concerned communities and places.

PROMAN HQ ensures overall backstopping.

Main staff provided:

  • Focal point Kidal (6 m/m).

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