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Formulation Mission – AAP 2011 Support to the Second Phase of Education Reform

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 78 778
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
December 2010
End date
June 2012
Number of staff provided
64 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The proposed programme will be a follow-up to current EU support to Jordan’s education sector. The recommended funding modality is Sector Budget Support (SBS). It is indicatively proposed to structure the disbursement of the M€ 23 with a combination of a budget support and a complementary support one (including technical assistance and audit, monitoring and evaluation). The final design of the budget lines will be determined during the formulation phase. The period of execution of the programme would be three years, ideally commencing by the end of 2011. The proposed operational duration would be 36 months starting from the date of the signature of the Financing Agreement. Possible areas for concentration of the support: KG, special education, Teacher Training, Human Resources Development, Planning and Monitoring and Evaluation. The programme should be concerned with providing support to capacity building. In terms of the provision of TA under the Complementary Support (total of around M€3-4), the Government would support the secondment of TAs to the MoE in the areas of (i) Planning and M+E and (ii) professional development of teachers with a particular focus on teacher appraisal. Short term technical support should be used to strengthening national capacities in specific issues at the request of Ministry of Education.

The overall objective of this contract is to contribute to the formulation of the EU interventions in the education sector in Jordan. The specific objective of the mission is to design the Annual Action Plan 2011 Programme for the Support to the Second phase of the Education reform, including its FA, TAPs and TORs for the TA.

Type of services provided

The mission is undertaken by two experts, provided by PROMAN. Core services include:

  • To review the Education strategy 2010-2014, ERFKE II, MTEF and all relevant documents and correspondence regarding the education reform;
  • To evaluate the competencies, capacities, and skills of the actors whether technically, financially or as well as their accountability mechanisms;
  • To propose institutional support, management and monitoring mechanisms ensuring the successful preparation and implementation of the education sector reform on existing experiences and to develop bottom-up approaches in the policy-making, programming and implementation of projects;
  • To determine assumptions and risks to be overcome for the success of the EC support programme;
  • To define preconditions to be taken by both parties before the start of the project;
  • To assess other donors and lenders interventions in the field of education to avoid overlappings and establish complementarities and synergies;
  • To ensure the involvement of all stakeholders in this field including EU Member States including through validation sessions;
  • To analyse the economic and financial aspects of the proposed programme;
  • To produce the needed Action Fiche, proposed Financing agreement, TAPs, ToRs for the TA needed, log-frame, matrix of benchmarks and analytical and justification report.

PROMAN HQ provides overall backstopping and quality control.

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