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Final Evaluation of the Project “Support to Basic Education – Phase I”

EC Delegation Morocco
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 47 200
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
October 2007
End date
November 2007
Number of staff provided
2 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

In the framework of the MEDA Programme, the European Commission finances the project Support to Basic Education in Morocco. The objective is to increase the average education level in the provinces of Chtouka, El Jadida, Figuig, Khemisset, Khenifra, Larache, Sefrou, et Taounate and specifically for girls, to elaborate an education development strategy in disadvantaged urban and an suburban regions and to develop education methods adapted to the context.

Five results were to be attained:

  • A Reference Framework for long term development orientations of the Ministry of National Education;
  • New competences in evaluation ofschool achievements and curricula;
  • Teachers trained in multiple grade teaching and single classroom teaching with curricula adapted to a rural environment;
  • An enlarged education supply (intake capacity) of improved quality, seeking community participation;
  • A development strategy for schooling in disadvantaged urban regions including testing, evaluation and development of different education methods and adapted schooling.

The implementation of the First Phase ended on the 8th December 2006 and it is appropriate to proceed to an EX Post Evaluation.

The main issues to be studied are:

  • The relevance of the project in the political and institutional context;
  • A well-commented qualitative and quantitative balance of the results achieved;
  • The relevance of the activities in relation to the development of the supported education reform;
  • The impact of the activities with regard to the objectives of each component and the tasks of the different Directions, ARED and Delegations concerned by the project activities;
  • The viability of the action, and specifically the institutional dynamism, the use of the information capital, the investment in the school rehabilitation and the pilot activities (tents, library-bus etc.).

Type of services provided

PROMAN has mobilised two experts for this assignment:

  • An expert in basic education management and organisation;
  • An expert in pedagogy.

The experts:

  • Study all documentation related to the project (Financing Agreement, Work Plan, MTE Report, Review of the First Phase during the preparation of the Second Phase, TA reports, studies etc.);
  • Collect technical, economic and financial information on the execution of the project at the UGP, the Central Directories and the relevant Ministries;
  • Visit three Provincial Delegations covered by the project;
  • Consult other donors and agencies (public or private) relevant to the concerned sectors;
  • Present their findings at a first debriefing at the DEC and a second meeting with the General Secretary of the DEN and his team;
  • Submit to the DEC a draft and a final report.

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