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Fifth EC Independent Technical Monitoring Mission – Targeted Ec Support to Pro-Poor Basic Education Reforms in Cambodia

EC Delegation
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 72 655
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
October 2006
End date
December 2006
Number of staff provided
67 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

This mission is the fifth Independent Technical Monitoring Mission for the EC Targeted Budget Support to Pro-Poor Basic Education Reforms in Cambodia. The global objective is to produce a comprehensive, informed and holistic assessment of the progress of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) in implementing its reform agenda and in particular the reforms most relevant to basic education.

An integral task is to assess progress made against EC indicators and conditions and make a justified recommendation whether or not to release the fifth and final trance of the EC sector budget support programme 2001-2007. The reassessment will take into account externalities and /or unforeseen events.

The specific objectives of the mission are:

  • Take stock of the progress of pro-poor education reforms and the impact of the on-going EC Education support and the on-going budget and financial reforms in both MoEYS and in the Ministry of Economy and Finance;
  • Assess the progress of the PFM reform and the of budgetary issues;
  • Using reports prepared by the MoEYS and MoEF, interviews and the findings of the National Congress 2006 assess progress in the education sector during the last year, evaluate proposed solutions put forward to deal with specific bottlenecks and provide recommendations on how to deal with noted challenges in achieving the EFA goals;
  • Areas of attention will include policy development as well as technical, institutional, financial and budgetary management; while services will relate to the education sector in general, specific focal areas will be the EC targeted Priority Action Programmes (PAPs).

Type of services provided

Cambridge Education provides the services of the Team Leader – Education Planning and Management Expert and PROMAN of an Economist with Educational Background, who:

  • Assess consistency, strengths and limitations of the proposed policies and strategies;
  • Review gender dimensions and targeting of poor and other disadvantaged groups and areas;
  • Assess financial planning, management, tracking, audit and reporting systems;
  • Assess progress in PFM Reform Programme and the impact on the education sector reform;
  • Review status and progress in the Civil Service Reform and impact on the education sector reform;
  • Advise on approaches to speed up the process to achieve EFA goals (if appropriate);
  • Organise/participate in meetings as agreed with EUD;
  • Undertake visits to provinces, districts and schools for analysis of quantitative and qualitative progress and assessment of institutional strengthening / capacity building programmes.

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